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Synonyms for prim

Synonyms for prim

Synonyms for prim

assume a prim appearance

Related Words

contract one's lips

affectedly dainty or refined

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Prim fidgeted with her hands and said: "Do you know the Beatles, being from Liverpool.
Its great vision and innovative concept aside, what makes The Dream Project PH most appealing to me is the inspiring being behind it all - that's Prim.
The characterization of Miss Prim is stock, but the premise of the book calls for that.
This seems very crude, does it not, Prim Rose, but at any rate it is very much to the point.
Prim embarco las tropas espanolas y no tardaron en seguirlo los ingleses.
Prims are particularly good for holiday-themed items.
Grossman's diligence in sizing up the scope of the problem, and enhancing scrutiny of PRIM operations, is welcome news, indeed.
18 May 2011 - Spanish medical equipment maker Prim SA (MCE: PRIM) closed the first quarter of 2011 with an attributable profit of EUR2.
BAGHDAD / NINA / MP Adnan Sarraj of the National Alliance coalition headed by Prim Maliki criticized the spokesman of the Iraqiya slate headed by former prim Iyad Allawi PM Haider al-Mulla, for stating on Wednesday march 4 that Maliki does not have a right to stand for the security ministries as well as to nominate candidate of security ministers .
A post-mortem examination revealed the 66-year-old, affectionately known as Prim, suffered a heart attack following the incident in Liddon Road, in the early hours of last Thursday.
JUNE 27 Fellowship of Hollydot Golf Prim Ivan (719)
Prim is living a life of ease in Spain with son Tom.
Anything prim ary comes first in importance or order.
Children's clothes shop Prim 'N' Proper in St Mary Street and White wedding supplies in High Street Arcade have closed.
Bubble skirts very modern, so balance out the funkiness by adding a pretty blouse and a prim, shapely jacket.