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Synonyms for priestly

Synonyms for priestly

associated with the priesthood or priests

befitting or characteristic of a priest or the priesthood



References in classic literature ?
Through all these means of purification for the priestly career, he passed at last into the one sphere that was worthy of him: he entered the Church, under the protection of influential friends.
You rob me first, and now you would come preaching and whining, in search mayhap of another field or two for your priestly friends.
Declines to set up any pretensions to priestly authority and priestly power.
The Lombardies down the lane, tall and sombre as the priestly forms of some mystic band, were tipped with silver.
Priestly has described some imperfect siliceous tubes and a melted pebble of quartz, found in digging into the ground, under a tree, where a man had been killed by lightning.
Plenty of its other writing remains in the shape of religious prose--sermons, lives and legends of saints, biblical paraphrases, and similar work in which the monastic and priestly spirit took delight, but which is generally dull with the dulness of medieval commonplace didacticism and fantastic symbolism.
Priestly garments, images of saints, rich stuffs and ornaments, altar-furniture and household goods, were cast into the flames, and shed a glare on the whole country round; but they danced and howled, and roared about these fires till they were tired, and were never for an instant checked.
He himself wanted a daily governess for his younger children; and though he had hesitated in the first instance to offer this position to Maggie, the resolution to protest with the utmost force of his personal and priestly character against her being crushed and driven away by slander, was now decisive.
The clergyman's horse, stumbling with a dull blunt sound among the graves, was cropping the grass; at once deriving orthodox consolation from the dead parishioners, and enforcing last Sunday's text that this was what all flesh came to; a lean ass who had sought to expound it also, without being qualified and ordained, was pricking his ears in an empty pound hard by, and looking with hungry eyes upon his priestly neighbour.
NYSE: FTI) announces the appointment of Kay Priestly, former Chief Executive Officer of Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd.
Summary: Known as Priestly Blessing, ceremony involves Jews from Cohanim priestly caste gathering to bless crowds in ritual which dates back to biblical times.
By retiring the sacrament of holy orders, we regain the fullness of the sacrament of baptism, which calls every baptized person to discern their gifts as a member of the priestly people.
Durham Diocese celebrated alongside women from the Methodist church who were celebrating forty years of their own women's priestly ministry.
A new memoir by Jason Priestly, former teenage heartthrob and star of 80s show "Beverly Hills 90210, gives readers a look at his private life, including the time when he was roommates with Brad Pitt.