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the body of ordained religious practitioners

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But, for the season, after the independence of the States was established, this sect of Christians languished for the want of the highest order of its priesthood. Pious and suitable divines were at length selected, and sent to the mother country, to receive that authority which, it is understood, can only be transmitted directly from one to the other, and thus obtain, in order to reserve, that unity in their churches which properly belonged to a people of the same nation.
One portion of the men go into the military, another into the priesthood, and the rest into the shoe-making business.
In the fourth year of his priesthood, during which the Bishop had been particularly kind to him, the starets told him that he ought not to decline it if he were offered an appointment to higher duties.
The middle-aged, who have lived through their strongest emotions, but are yet in the time when memory is still half passionate and not merely contemplative, should surely be a sort of natural priesthood, whom life has disciplined and consecrated to be the refuge and rescue of early stumblers and victims of self-despair.
How it was that the priesthood of Typee satisfied the affair with their consciences, I know not; but so it was, and Fayaway dispensation from this portion of the taboo was at length procured.
Public opinion looks at the institution of "The Sabbath" in Scotland; finds it unparalleled in Christendom for its senseless and savage austerity; sees a nation content to be deprived by its priesthood of every social privilege on one day in every week--forbidden to travel; forbidden to telegraph; forbidden to eat a hot dinner; forbidden to read a newspaper; in short, allowed the use of two liberties only, the liberty of exhibiting one's self at the Church and the liberty of secluding one's self over the bottle--public opinion sees this, and arrives at the not unreasonable conclusion that the people who submit to such social laws as these are the most stolid, stern and joyless people on the face of the earth.
James Carroll argues in a recent issue of The Atlantic that the priesthood needs to be abolished before the church can be reformed.
Priests from various dioceses attended the Mass to celebrate the gift of priesthood and renew their commitment to priestly service.
VATICAN CITY -- As the Vatican copes with the growing clergy sex abuse scandal and declining number of priests worldwide, it is laying the groundwork to open formal debate on an issue that has long been taboo: opening up the priesthood to married men in parts of the world where clergy are scarce.
To understand the complementary relation, one needs to distinguish priesthood from religious life.
It will be a celebration of ministerial priesthood and the consecrated life as a community of the baptized faithful, as missionary disciples and servant leaders like Christ, and a road map to foster the spirit of communion and synergy among the laity and consecrated.
He disclosed that some call but are hesitant as they fear losing the privileges that come with priesthood such as vehicles, the comfort of their parish and job security.
They built altars here and there, bringing thanksgiving sacrifices, whether as expiation or simply to ask for something; in addition, there were the tribal chiefs, having also their role as mediators between their tribe and God, a role which was undertaken by Moses upon leaving Canaan; later on, in a more developed society, this role belonged to priesthood.
FR Brian D'Arcy has told how he once fell in love with a woman and questioned whether he should leave the priesthood.
A Companion to Priesthood and Holy Orders in the Middle Ages