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The flame was placed in an urn, before the high priestess and priestesses gently carried it to the stadium where it was hit by a gust of wind.
Devotees visiting the temple say that the priestesses carry out all the rituals of the temple, and also make clothes for the god's idol.
While some earth-based ideas have seeped into the mainstream, Kohenet sees itself as part of a fringe of Judaism that "includes shamans, kabbalists, wilderness Jews, environmentalist Jews, priestesses of Shekhinah, Jewitches, [and] practitioners of Israeli nature spirituality," according to its website.
Some girls, known as acllas, were selected from around the age of four and placed under the guardianship of priestesses.
Priestesses emerge in her account as the most prominent and, arguably, the most powerful group of women in a world of Greek city-states that stretched from what is now southern Italy to western Turkey.
I then imagined a set of priestesses to tend the shrines.
Her first-person journey will sweep the reader along as it reveals insights and encounters with high priestesses and the sources of women's spiritual roots.
The chorus sang from the pit, while dancers on stage served variously as priestesses, Scythians or shipwrecked souls.
I describe in The Dreamer's Book of the Dead how I led 45 Lithuanians on a series of group journeys into the realm of ancient priestesses of Zemyna (the Earth Mother of Lithuania).
The oracle was not just one person but a series of priestesses who passed on their secret knowledge from woman to woman and whose power and influence were unprecedented in misogynistic Greek society.
It can be traced back to the temples of pagan deities Anahid and Mher, whose priestesses tended to the sick with therapeutic circle dances as well as medicinal potions.
The turmoil is another example of how confused (and belligerent) many Catholics are about women as priestesses. It can never be.
Then I noticed some very strange, weird people being welcomed and made priests and priestesses, people anyone could see were sleazy and just there looking for sex.
To quote from the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, March 2004: Blending the mythology of Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt, Fisher has created a society where the god speaks through an oracle, and a select group of nine masked priestesses enact the mysteries of their religion.
She and her priestesses wear drab grey clothes - although Iphigenie gets to wear a pair of DM-type boots.