prickly heat

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obstruction of the sweat ducts during high heat and humidity

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I've written about my various gripes that I have with the summer - the pressure to get out and do something, the hay fever, the wasps, the prickly heat, the wardrobe changes, fake tan obligations, the dilemma over whether to put sun-cream on or get some vitamin D, the heavy-handed use of air-conditioning.
Of this, Savlon with its products-- including antiseptic soaps and hand- washes-- contributed ` 65 crore and the balance came from Shower to Shower prickly heat powder.
Muscat: The winter is about to set in, bringing much relief from the scorching sun and prickly heat.
It has a gentle but fairly long-lasting cooling effect, and came in very handy for insect bites and prickly heat during the holidays.
Apply the Invisible Cooling Mist for an instant skin cooling sensation - ideal if you're suffering from a touch of prickly heat, from PS16, available in SPF20, 30 or 50 (Boots).
A new and positive cure for Blotched Face, Barber's Itch, Scall-Head, Black-heads or Grubs, Salt Rheum, Papules, Erythema, Nettle Rash, Lichen, Prurigo or Itching, Eczema, Prairie, Seven Year, Camp or Army Itch, Branny Tetter, Ringworm, Liver Spots, Honey Comb Ringworm, Ringworm of Scalp, Bald Spots, Dandruff, Tetter, Itch, Grog Blossom, Tooth Rash, Prickly Heat, Shingles, Scale Disease &c.
A unique combination of 18 herbs in the Medimix Ayurvedic soap offers effective protection against pimples, rashes, prickly heat, body odour and other such skin problems, pointed out Pradeep.
Small amounts of sunlight may protect us against a number of skin conditions, including such allergic reactions as prickly heat, psoriasis, and skin allergies to cosmetics, metals, perfumes and even garden flowers," Professor Hawk said.
If you suffer from prickly heat rash, try taking a daily 200mg supplement of grapeseed extract to provide relief.
Henna leaves are effective in the treatment of prickly heat.
Columbia Antiseptic Powder has been used for more than a century by health care professionals to treat diaper rash, prickly heat, athlete's foot and other fungal infections as well as chafing, dermatitis, poison ivy, and decubital ulcers.
The baby milky bath, oil, soap and powder are available in herbal variants as well - baby herbal bath, baby olive oil, baby lemon soap and prickly heat powder.
Medicines required are anti-typhoid, anti-cholera, anti-malaria, anti-tetanus, anti-diarrhoea and anti-snake venom, in addition to other miscellaneous items like oral re-hydration solution, mosquito repellent, prickly heat powder, anti-rash creams and water purification tablets.
She sat her finals in Magaluf where she was appearing as a contestant on the Sky One show Prickly Heat with Davina McCall.