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Synonyms for prickly

Synonyms for prickly

full of sharp needlelike protuberances

so replete with interlocking points and complications as to be painfully irritating

Synonyms for prickly

very irritable

having or covered with protective barbs or quills or spines or thorns or setae etc.

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A dozen companies of different sizes exhibit in this show and present a variety of products extracted from the prickly pears, such as oil, vinegar, cosmetics and jam .
This study aimed to apply empirical mathematical models to describe the drying kinetics of minimally processed prickly pear shoots at different temperatures.
This vocation is one of the most painful because prickly pears are known for their thorny skins that easily stick to the hands," the 20-year-old peddler told Gulf News.
The term 'defensive planting' is used to describe the way you can use certain prickly plants, bushes and shrubs to deter burglars.
Edward O'Grady, trainer of Prickly He won well on the Flat last time and came out of the race well.
The project aims to break up the eastern core of Prickly Acacia inside the containment line and move the infestations back to a density that can be managed by landholders.
Eating prickly pear has long been regarded as a folk medicine way to deal with diabetes.
Prickly pear juice contains several varieties of antioxidants called betalains, which also are found in beets and red Swiss chard.
In prickly lettuce, the wild relative and ancestor of cultivated lettuce, this same substance could prove to be an economically viable source of natural rubber.
Sharon Brown from Prickly Pals said: "There's a healthy population of hedgehogs in the coastal park and we're grateful to the Coastal Conservation Group who have been making mammal habitats in the park, including building log piles which are superb areas for hogs.
I couldn't see them on Sunday night but when I went out on Monday I saw these tiny wee prickly balls in the undergrowth.
The prickly pear is ubiquitous in Sana'a at this time of year.
Some plants were grown at home and, by 14 November, formed the distinctive fruits of the Prickly Arrowgrass Triglochin mucronata.
I received a prickly pear cactus as a gift, but didn't have much hope for it when I planted it in late March.
But that may change courtesy of prickly pear cactus juice, which is gleaning attention for its potential health benefits.