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Synonyms for prickly

Synonyms for prickly

full of sharp needlelike protuberances

so replete with interlocking points and complications as to be painfully irritating

Synonyms for prickly

very irritable

having or covered with protective barbs or quills or spines or thorns or setae etc.

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Prickly Thistle has created an upcycled memory box at its pop-up mill to showcase its tartan designs and unique story to visitors.
It could be: 6 Prickly heat (heat rash) which is uncomfortable but usually harmless.
The sign, depicting a hedgehog, isn't just to warn motorists of the presence of the prickly animals alone but aims to highlight all manner of small wild mammals that could be on the road.
Varosha's prickly pears have been infected by an invasive pest species known as phenacoccus solenopsis (cotton mealybug), Dagli said, which forms white lumps on the fruit, quickly killing off the plant.
Prickly Hay The pictures show the P2L class nativity at Lockerbie Primary School
| Prickly plants Create a hedge of prickly plants, such as Osmanthus, pyracantha or berberis, next to boundary fencing, which can act as a layer to deter thieves.
Prickly pear juice 3 Fresh jalapeno rings (take seeds out for less heat) Add ingredients to a shaker tin with a scoop of ice.
Oatmeal bath is an effective home remedy for prickly heat.
Green People Scent Free Sun Lotion SPF 30 This 78 per cent organic formula is moisture-retaining and designed to keep prickly heat at bay.
(TAP)- The areas planted with certified organic prickly pears currently stand at 5,000 hectares out of a total of 600 thousand hectares.
Nevertheless, to our knowledge, only prickly pear and pineapple peels [25] and tiger nut coproducts [26] have been used to study the prebiotic potential of DFC.
Prickly pear presents itself as an alternative in the Brazilian semi-arid region, with a wide potential of utilization in human and animal diets and in the manufacture of derivatives.
Summary: Prickly pears- a summer favourite of the poor due to their inexpensive price and nutrients
Prickly pear fruit extract has been used in traditional Mexican medicine to treat diabetes, and studies have shown that prickly pear fruit extract may aid in lowering blood glucose, as well as cholesterol.