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the act of puncturing with a small point


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Joy's stringent standards guarantee pricking at SkinTrends as significantly less painful than at an ordinary facial clinic.
When pricking out be generous with your spacing so the roots do not become entangled and damaged when the young plants are divided for planting out.
Participants reported that their pain was more intense and more unpleasant when they viewed a needle pricking a hand than when they saw a hand alone.
GluCall is a next generation product that will help ease the mental stress of finger pricking," he added.
I find pricking out seedlings one of the most satisfying and therapeutic gardening tasks.
Beijing public security officials said they were investigating a number of indiscriminate needle pricking cases, but insisted that in the capital ''the overall security situation is stable and good.
Preparatory cartoons are drawings on paper used to transfer images to prepared painting or drawing surfaces through pricking and pouncing (spolvero) or incising (calco).
Her poetry has a powerful rhythm that seeps into your pores and settles just beneath the skin like unseen pins incessantly pricking the skin until the dance is done.
A MOTHER fears two of her children may have contracted Aids by pricking themselves on used hypodermic needles.
Give them a good drink before pricking them out, squeeze the whole rootball of seedlings out of the square pots and then gently divide them without damaging any of the roots.
She is tempted to feel desire, to be like Sleeping Beauty, to want both the pricking and the prince.
Julia Child's way calls for pricking the bubble of air in an egg before cooking.
It might seem that the line about the elders' pricking their ears was sufficiently accounted for by that, or if not, that in a stanza where thorns are retracted like cats' claws, elders might prick their ears without comment.
It may sound easy, but many people have trouble pricking their own finger to draw blood.
The pricking frequency ultimately proved so low that Perrimon has abandoned vortex mixing -- at least for now.