pricing system

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a system for setting prices on goods or services

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For some reason we're stuck in the old, static National Motor Freight classification-based pricing system with extra costs for shippers and carriers in tariffs, pricing tables, and outside auditors.
The pricing system for this current was believed to be discriminatory against other companies on the rail freight and long-distance passenger transport markets.
In June 2012, the Commission opened antitrust proceedings against Deutsche Bahn, because of concerns about the pricing system used by DB Energie, its subsidiary providing traction current to railway companies.
He added that the new pricing system would be implemented with effect from Thursday in accordance with the declared pricing lists, noting that the MoH was keen on provision of all quality medicines to public after completion of registration, checking and endorsement procedures to ease the burden on patients and avoid medicine price fluctuations caused by the currency transactions.
The new online pricing system allows Superior's dealer clients the ability to price out there projects through any mobile or PC device, permitting them to give their customers an immediate estimate without having to leave the project site.
The quarterly pricing system replaces the former annual benchmark system which was in place for 40 years.
Although its earnings are susceptible to an import price of LNG, as well as a range or timing of rate change, KOGAS is protected by some regulations, including those that allow it to set rates based on a cost-plus pricing system.
For the same reason, the officials said the ministry is also planning to launch a separate council to review the pricing system for gas.
TOKYO - The Japanese government is considering revising the pricing systems for electricity and gas in fiscal 2009 with an eye to preventing household utility bills taking a direct hit from the recent wild fuel price swings, industry ministry officials said Friday.
He also pointed out that the oil pricing system has greatly influenced the oil price during recent months.
We have to look at what sorts of road-pricing system will be appropriate to Wales if indeed there should be a road pricing system.
Mitsubishi Heavy said the IURP system will ease urban traffic congestion with an electronic road pricing system that uses communications devices on motor vehicles and roads to automatically collect tolls from vehicles entering specified districts, without requiring them to stop.
automobile insurer, State Farm, prepares to roll out a new pricing system for auto insurance, one industry observer said the industry is now engaged "in a technological arms race.
Letting people buy medications in Canada won't be a panacea for the unfair pricing system, but it might help bring prices down while giving U.
According to a survey by the Finnish ministry of transport and communications, Finnish mobile operators' pricing for calls made by mobile phones creates better circumstances for competition and inexpensive prices than the pricing system currently in place in other European Union member states.