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control (by agreement among producers or by government) of the price of a commodity in interstate commerce

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11) In many commodity markets, American firms with European subsidiaries often worked with price-fixing cartels in European countries in which cartel activity was legal.
For judicial economy, the court reviewed both issues separately and found that plaintiffs had alleged a horizontal price-fixing conspiracy violation because LIBOR, as a financial benchmark, must be characterized as a price component.
In January 2011, plaintiffs amended their complaint, alleging a ready mixed price-fixing and market-allocation conspiracy among four producers during 2008-2009.
Dec 2007: OFT hands out fines totalling [pounds sterling]116m to leading dairy producers and supermarkets over allegations of price-fixing in 2002-2003.
The Hitachi affiliate and other firms were involved in bid rigging and price-fixing over sales of optical disk drivers for major U.
6m in Europe as part of a price-fixing case involving a number of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) producers.
Nippon Cargo Airlines of Japan and two other international carriers will plead guilty and pay fines for their roles in a cargo price-fixing scheme, the Justice Department said Thursday.
In January executives from LG Display and Chunghwa Picture Tubes agreed to plead guilty and serve jail time in the United States for participating in the global price-fixing conspiracy.
FOUR past and present British Airways executives are facing the possibility of up to five years in jail after trading chiefs brought price-fixing charges against them.
Trading chiefs are close to announcing charges against British Airways executives over price-fixing on fuel surcharges.
He added: "We say there is not any price-fixing here.
There is no doubt a good moral case to be made for the concept of price-fixing.
SUPERMARKETS Tesco and Sainsbury's were today among 11 retail chains accused of price-fixing on tobacco products.
The OFT said more than 40 companies had already admitted price-fixing in the inquiry which started after a complaint in the East Midlands.
Although price-fixing conspiracies are inherently unstable, many cartels manage to endure, often for long periods.