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a tag showing the price of the article it is attached to

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But AFA failed to convince the DA to implement the triple strategy of SRPs, price tags and penalizing profiteering retailers.
The full cost for Newcastle was PS61.9m compared with the PS24.1m price tag attached to the Foxes, based on the transfer fees for the most-used XI.
the current market yield are said to have "premium coupons," and have corresponding premium price tags. However, it doesn't cost more to buy a premium bond than a par bond.
Micromax has launched new entry-level Android smartphone Bolt A66 in India, with a price tag of a[sup.1]6,000.
Those two numbers should price Suarez, who had a 40 million-pound price tag in his previous deal, out of a move from Anfield or even stop a repeat of the transfer talk last summer, and the only likely movers for Suarez, Real Madrid would have to top the sum they paid for Gareth Bale.
Nadir Ismail, who operates a mini market in Rawdah district, took issue with the new law, telling Arab News that there is no reason to have price tags on all items.
With its cost new price of PS10,695, this all-American machine is a real bargain with its Real Sale price tag starting at just PS7688.
Since the beginning of the year, three shopping centres violated rules while three other shops were shut down for manipulating consumers by regularly increasing the prices without placing price tags on the products.
The change under the revised Consumption Tax Law required retailers to display price tags that include the 5 percent consumption tax.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-13 May 2004-Recommendation for new price on beer price tags in Finland criticised(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Do you hide price tags or fib about the price of your purchases?
(The true cost of ZEVs is not reflected in their price tags, as they are heavily subsidized.) Even assuming savings from mass production, an electric vehicle will cost many times more than a conventional car.
HIGH POINT, N.C.--Expensive mattresses sporting retail price tags in the $2,000 range were a continuation of vendors bringing more plush bedding into the marketplace.