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a tag showing the price of the article it is attached to

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TAG-IT utilizes a brilliant database platform that imports all of La-Z-Boy's current merchandising catalog details including base costs so that once the dealer's standard margins and options prices are applied in a formula driven schema, TAG-IT can easily calculate their price tags.
Micromax has launched new entry-level Android smartphone Bolt A66 in India, with a price tag of a[sup.
Those two numbers should price Suarez, who had a 40 million-pound price tag in his previous deal, out of a move from Anfield or even stop a repeat of the transfer talk last summer, and the only likely movers for Suarez, Real Madrid would have to top the sum they paid for Gareth Bale.
Nadir Ismail, who operates a mini market in Rawdah district, took issue with the new law, telling Arab News that there is no reason to have price tags on all items.
0 Active, with its cost-new price tag of PS10,585, has an incredible Real Sale price tag of from just PS6988.
Our market inspections are conducted all year long to ensure that consumers are offered reasonable prices while insisting on traders to clearly place price tags on the products' labels so that consumers can clearly see the actual prices.
It emerged this week that Asda, Tesco, Morrison's and Sainsbury's have increased the number of pounds 1 price tags 150% over the past year.
Although there is no change what consumers pay, critics have said the new price tags could depress consumer sentiment by giving the impression of a price hike.
Four out of 10 Americans who admit to keeping a secret from their husband or wife say its the price tag of their impulse buys that they're afraid to confess to.
But Arizona, in what may go down in stupid government lore as the Great Pickup Stick-Up, did in fact buy my friend a truck, or at least most of a truck, by offering rebates and tax breaks that slashed its $35,000 price tag by more than half.
During Ziering's first taping of the game show, she slipped and fell, dropping the price tag - which host Bob Barker had to pick up - and threw her arms up into the air.
the electronic shelf label company, announced today its plans to replace traditional paper sticker price tags in supermarkets with their state-of-the-art electronic shelf tag systems.
Expensive mattresses sporting retail price tags in the $2,000 range were a continuation of vendors bringing more plush bedding into the marketplace.
Some of these systems now sport price tags as low as $18,000-20,000, as compared with $25,000-30,000 or more previously.
What fax machines share in common with most office equipment is inflated price tags.