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a tag showing the price of the article it is attached to

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The Moto G that was released last year was the most successful smartphone ever from Motorola and it came with a very affordable price tag of $179.
JERUSALEM - Israel must tackle anti-Arab hate crime with an "iron fist," a top minister said on Monday as police confirmed arresting seven minors over racist graffiti and spitting at a priest.The Israeli authorities are facing mounting pressure to rein in a spiralling wave of so-called "price tag" hate crimes by Jewish extremists targeting Arab Israelis and Palestinians, with new racist vandalism attacks being reported on an almost daily basis.And commentators have warned that a continued failure to tackle the phenomenon could end up triggering a violent backlash."We must strive to be a state...
“We're very happy to be able to provide this professional price tag printing utility to La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery owners.
Price tag refers to an underground anti-Arab Israeli group that carries out terrorist acts against Palestinians in the occupied territories and inside Israel, as in the case of Abu Ghoush.
Livni advocates adopting this measure with support from the police and the Shin Bet security service as the frequency of attacks has increased, while the State's Prosecutor's Office pointed out that the price tag itself is not a group, but an idea.
Price tag: PS189 from Damsel in a Dress at John Lewis 1920s Fashionista This dress screams wow factor and is perfect for all shapes.
Gasoline A-98 went up from BGN 2.49 per liter to BGN 2.58 per liter on Friday and now has a price tag of BGN 2.71 per liter.
They were upbeat that standoff between Pakistan and the United States over the apology issue and price tag would be resolved soon under an amicable package deal Pakistan has been seeking in technical talks with the US spanning over six weeks.
ANDY CARROLL still seems to be suffering from his huge pounds 35m price tag, but I'm still convinced he will come good for Liverpool.
The so-called "price tag" campaign has been defined by a series of acts of violence by extremist Israeli settlers against neighboring Palestinians, carried out in response to attempts by Israeli security forces to implement court rulings and dismantle "illegal" or "unauthorized" settlement construction.
The slogans read: "There will be a war over Judea and Samaria (West Bank)," "price tag" and "this structure is destined for demolition." The graffiti also included Stars of David signs.
Zenit have raised Arshavin's price tag to 27 million euros, with the 27-year-old now fearing he has been priced out of the market.
"They would like to get pounds 1.5 million for me and that is a high price tag since they haven't played me for a long time," Albrechtsen said.
While the defection of Falmouth Stakes winner Rajeem, owing to an infection to her off-fore heel, means there is no interest from Britain or Ireland, the presence of top domestic fillies Tie Black, Price Tag and Impressionnante makes this a fascinating contest.