price reduction

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the act of reducing the selling price of merchandise

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Dr Al Amiri has spear-headed the price reduction campaign to make medicines more affordable in the UAE to suit the pockets of the poor and improve the nation's health sector.
The co-operative reached its price reduction commitment at the end of 2014, one year ahead of schedule, but maintained the programme, yielding a much higher reduction rate than expected.
In a release announcing the findings, the company noted, "Although the number of price-reduced homes increased in July, the median price reduction across the 4,500 cities and communities in 26 markets surveyed slightly declined from June, to $18,949.
It will support the price reduction and promotional efforts with a full marketing campaign including television, radio, newspaper, billboard, online, print and in-store advertising to reinforce its everyday low price and return to double coupon messages.
The customers seem to be embracing the concept that a supplier's willingness to support annual price reduction targets should be rewarded by an increase in business.
For example, consumers will perceive a $20 price reduction on either a $100 jacket or a $400 television similarly if they process the price reduction information in an absolute way (i.
They are introducing a series of price reductions worth pounds 130million in a full year, making it the biggest-ever price-reduction package announced by them.
A price reduction in late 1995 brought a surge of new Encarta buyers at Christmas, and also boosted post-Christmas sales to a fairly stable 20,000 units a month (equal to an average of $1.
Disclosures required during contract performance cover contract price reduction and government orders and sales.
It was the sixth price reduction initiative, which will cover drugs of 24 pharma companies in the UAE.
com reported that 22 percent of all home listings on the market as of May 1 had experienced at least one price reduction.
IRN, an automotive forecasting and consulting firm, just completed its fourth biennial survey of automotive suppliers which showed the highest level of both price reduction requests and supplier givebacks in the survey's short history.
The automotive environment is becoming harsher in terms of interaction between suppliers and customers, according to the results of IRN's recently completed fourth biennial survey on price reduction dynamics.
When it was all said and done, that 50% price reduction actually turned out to be a substantial cost increase.