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an index that traces the relative changes in the price of an individual good (or a market basket of goods) over time

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3 percent monthly decline in the FAO Dairy Price Index, which, however, remained well above its year-ago level.
The changes of Producer Price Index for March 2016 were traced back to changes in prices of the following major activities compared to the previous month:
In more detail, the UN agency reported that its Cereal Price Index declined 1.
BEA calculates real GDP by dividing the nominal value by an appropriate price index, thereby removing the effect of inflation.
The index, introduced as a part of the chamber's overall consumer price index monitoring system, will track prices for fresh meat, fish and seafoods, fruits and vegetables.
In the same month the annual growth of import price index fell to 7.
In his paper "Seasonality and Prepackaged Software Price Indexes" Copeland constructs a seasonally adjusted price index for prepackaged software using detailed and comprehensive scanner data from the NPD Group.
For December, the export price index registered 100.
The inventory price index computation (IPIC) is a sub-election of dollar-value LIFO.
High fuel costs continue to impact the local economy, helping to drive up the Los Angeles region's consumer price index by 0.
Students then can make the connection to some of the popular price indices such as the Consumer Price Index and the Producer Price Index.
However, the good news was not enjoyed by all Member States - changes in the real output price index ranged from -14.
Commercial development in Midtown Manhattan is clearly heating up, a trend reflected in rising land prices, according to Austrian Shapiro & Partners' 1996 Manhattan Land Price Index (MPLI).
Given the fact that the value of sales equals a price index times a quantity index, any errors in calculating a price index imply corresponding errors in the quantity index.