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control (by agreement among producers or by government) of the price of a commodity in interstate commerce

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Proger & Deborah Platt Herman, The Price of Price Fixing Through International Cartels, 1999 BUS.
Manchester United also denied participating in the price fixing and a spokesman said it was ``considering its position with regard to an appeal.''
Of course, not all price similarities result from price fixing. They can often just be the effect of normal market conditions.
Former Bumble Bee chief executive Christopher Lischewski has pleaded not guilty to a price fixing charge.
He said that the issue of price fixing of sugarcane could be resolved with the formation of this committee with the inclusion of Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce and Industries and Ministry of National Food Security.
Foreign Price Fixing Considered Irrelevant Unless Illegal B.
Replying to a question regarding the loss to them due to the issue of two-month gay of price fixing, he said that they had not to suffer from the loss situation but if their demand is not met and further delayed then they would have to bear it as there is not enough water in Kotri or Sukkur barrage to provide to the sugar cane.
Auto Business News-September 12, 2014--FAW-Volkswagen fined CNY249m for price fixing by Hubei provincial pricing bureau
7 ( ANI ): Tech giant Apple has been reportedly ordered by a US judge to make changes to its contracts with publishers in a bid to prevent any e-book price fixing, of which, the company was held guilty in July.
Justice Department has been investigating allegations of auto parts price fixing. The suit was filed the same day a 10th auto supplier, Diamond Electric Mfg.
THE European Union are now looking into price fixing by many of the oil companies and it has been claimed that motorists may have been overcharged for fuel since 2003.
"Dow has always denied plaintiffs' allegations of price fixing."
The New Zealand high court isn't the only Australasian government agency doling out fines for price fixing, however.
Credit card service providers, Visa, Inc (NYSE: V) and MasterCard (NYSE: MA) have reached an agreement with merchants to settle charges of price fixing while setting interchange fees.
The Pacific Fruit group has received an 8.9 million fine for operating a price fixing cartel on bananas in the South of Europe from July 2004 to April 2005.