price cutting

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cutting the price of merchandise to one lower than the usual or advertised price


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News International stopped its price cutting 16 months ago and the price of The Times has been raised several times since January 1998.
Our goal is market share and price cutting is part of the formula to achieve that," said paul Papageorge, marketing programs manager of Apple Computer's consumer division.
The unsaturated polyester business has been very competitive of late, and sources interviewed prior to the Reichhold announcement say they expect price cutting to continue.
Price cutting of as much as 4-5[cents]/lb is reported by buyers and industry observers.
Analysts have poured scorn on the latest skirmishes between Tesco and Sainsbury over their respective price cutting campaigns.
Tesco and Asda have already announced major price cutting programmes this year and Safeway are now desperately trying to catch up and stem the loss of cost-conscious shoppers.