price competition

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intense competition in which competitors cut retail prices to gain business


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This price competition is particularly relevant in the plain vanilla index space, which serves to replicate investment returns of bellwether indices such as the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average, among others.
6 per cent because of price competition and a drop in draft beer sales.
Wetherspoon repeated earlier guidance that price competition remained considerable and that overheads such as power and labour had risen sharply.
requested the deregulation, saying there is service and price competition, and the public interest no longer requires full regulation.
This study attempted to understand how price competition would work in higher education and to explore the likely long run equilibrium structure of prices in that context.
Under this model, expansion of patient choice is desirable because the payers have catalyzed price competition at the point of medical service, in addition to being in competition themselves at the point of medical insurance.
There is a lack of price competition in the market for insurance," Tyson wrote in a document released by the White House, "because many individuals do not have a choice of health plans.
These marketing devices served two fundamental purposes: They deterred price competition among existing airlines, and they discouraged the formation of new competitors.
Commodity pigment producers are being challenged by increased price competition as well as competition from Chinese and Indian producers.
Freedonia says that property modifiers are characterized by severe price competition.
From that point on, the focus of supplier selection shifted from price and bid-based price competition to quality and inter-organizational cooperation as its foundation.
Motorola is experiencing deflationary currency-influenced price competition coupled with traditional industry price competitiveness and certain semiconductor industry segment slowdowns,'' the company said.
price competition to serve cost-conscious consumers).