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a category of merchandise based on their price

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The survey states that globally, almost 50 per cent of Indians prefer rooms in the price bracket of up to ` 5,000, about 32 per cent between ` 5,000 to ` 10,000 and less than 20 per cent prefer upwards of ` 10,000.
But on all these price bracket shelves were the usual suspects, the pinot grigios, the chardonnays, the big brand bland conveyor belt labels.
Chris' fashion range may be Chris' fashion range may be B" beyond the price bracket of most" beyond the price bracket of most Birmingham housewives, but it's Birmingham housewives, but it's proving popular - particularly the proving popular - particularly the stilettos - among the well-heeled.
That said, on the front is a 1.3-megapixel camera, which is about standard for a tablet in this price bracket, so no complaints there.
The car would be locally produced at the BMW plant in Chennai and it is expected in the price bracket of around Rs 20-25 lakh.
I love sale shopping and the excitement when something out of your usual price bracket becomes purse-friendly.
"Since we have copper, triply and stainless steel cookware items with encapsulated bottoms, we needed one line of non-stick aluminum at that particular price bracket. In addition, non-stick is still very popular in the most parts of the world."
Maruti continues its domination in this price bracket as well.
Chelsea, Kensington, Knightsbridge and belgravia had traditionally occupied sales of more than $8 million, but Savills has said more now than a third in this price bracket occur in St Johns Wood, Hampstead, Regents Park and Lancaster Gate.
Prior to the launch, the company says it was impossible for those looking to purchase their first home to find something in the right price bracket, offering everything they required for modern living.
City believes that the striker's development in the past two years has now placed him in the same price bracket as Chelsea's Fernando Torres.
BY going online and discovering what other home-sellers in your area are offering in your price bracket, you will be in a better position to market your property to maximum effect.
Darroch Crawford, managing director of the company in the Middle East, said, 'The offering we propose, with the price bracket it includes, allows us to be accessible to wider and largely unserviced segment of the market.
The company, a premier property portfolio manager, also expects the gradual influx of fresh supply within the next two years to sustain the interest of investor and property buyers, who will be looking to take advantage of buying property that is still in its lowest price bracket.
The three $1 million-plus sales were the best monthly totals in that price bracket since October 2008.