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Synonyms for priapic

overly concerned with masculinity and male sexuality

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resembling or being a phallus


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In a priapic poem found in the Appendix Vergiliana, the speaker's aged and useless penis fails to respond (nee viriliter / iners senile penis extulit caput, Carm.
Irigaray establishes an isomorphic correspondence between the soundness of philosophical notions and priapic masculinity and claims that metaphysics displays distaste toward fluidity.
LOVED the pictures of the priapic French president, Francois Hollande (below), barrel-shaped while riding pillion on a moped en route to his new mistress's salon.
It's a gritty subtitled crime drama that brings together garrulous, priapic Dane Martin and exacting, socially inept Swede Saga.
dismantling devices--chance, priapic eros, parody, pratfall,
55) In other literary traditions asses are commonly thought of as representative of male sexuality and lust; (56) most readers of literature worldwide know of the priapic associations of donkeys and would possibly understand that the men have been turned into bestial manifestations of their lustful natures.
Merde whisks away the impassive model, taking her back to his underground lair (the sewers below the city, of course), where he transforms her flowing dress into a burqa-like veil, before reclining naked and starkly priapic in her lap, falling asleep to her lullaby in a strange and beautiful revision of the pieta.
Hollande presented himself as 'Monsieur Normal', seeming to break with both the vulgar excesses of the outgoing 'omnipresident' and the priapic outrages of the previous favourite for the Socialist candidacy, Dominique Strauss-Kahn.
I love big dicks--my Priapic cult library spans a shelf.
In fact the former Italian prime minister is preparing a pyrotechnic comeback and is ready to prove there is life in the priapic old dog yet.
Our movers and shakers crafting a vision of your future, like a priapic young swain promising the earth to a prospective hot date - "Of course I love you, just say 'yes' to me".
There has been some dispute about whether these elegies were ever intended for the cycle, but some critics have argued that they were to assume a crucial role in it, with the first Priapic elegy as prologue and the second as epilogue.
Amongst the dotty characters sauntering around the boat deck of Joe Layon's ballet, were George Bernard Shaw, rendered here as a priapic goon, Theda Bara, the silent movie star, who few people would recognise today, Noel Coward identified by a long cigarette holder and Gertrude Lawrence, generally identified in real life by her capacity to sing slightly off-key, something ballet cannot reproduce.
The truly thrilling team goal against Larissa, a memorable dismantling of Manchester City, a 3-1 defeat of Manchester United, or the 7-1 hiding of Sunderland which saw Stuart Hall opining: "Classic, inspirational football that demolished Sunderland, reduced Mr Keane to impotence and apoplexy and brought priapic joy unconfined.
Lichtenstein's late nudes are not priapic like Picasso's but, true to form, cerebral, distanced by the inevitable quotation marks and his foregrounded concerns with composition.