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a motion calling for an immediate vote on the main question under discussion by a deliberative assembly

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The following day Derek Fildebrandt, MLA (Strathmore-Brooks), and Leader of the Freedom Conservative Party, successfully and unexpectedly used the previous question to end the debate at Second Reading on Bill 28, Family Statutes Amendment Act, 2018.
The previous question was answered by Egyptian businessman and founder of "El Gouna" International Film Festival Naguib Sawiris in his response to one of his followers on Twitter, and his answer reveals the possibility of Rami coming to Egypt soon.
At this point, Lacson, known for his antipork advocacy, confronted the finance chair: 'So, I go back to my previous question, is that pork?'
Fernando Sdrigotti: In relation to my previous question, and because it matters to me as writer of English as a second language...
A: Based on the previous question, we will make infrastructure adjustments as we expand to ensure our staffing and space needs meet the needs of the families we serve.
"I will say that and I will not answer more questions about that," Benitez said about the talks between his representatives and Charnley, having replied to a previous question about whether he will stay at Newcastle next year by stating with a smile: "I will be here until tomorrow."
Host, Lee Mack, spoke of the hot topic alongside Janet Street-Porter and comedian Sara Pascoe and joked that the panel were debating the story more than a previous question on Syria.
In the previous question, Jeremy Paxman had asked the team to identify Pascal's Triangle.
Like I said in response to your previous question that private sector is primarily driven by profit motive and unless they find profitability in any project, it is difficult for them to justify their investments.
And what's the link with children's show Shaun the Sheep and the previous question? 5 What was the christian name of Robert Lindsay's character in Get Some In!
A: The answer to the previous question often leads to this question.
Explore the response to the previous question. Expand upon it to elicit a detailed social history, listening for any social stressors.
Answering the same general previous question with special emphasis on how to deal with pilgrims coming from Yemen amid the war-stricken country, including the positions of those who oppose Saudi-supported legitimacy in Yemen, the Crown Prince cited his previous answer that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia welcomes all pilgrims who come to attend the ritual of Hajj from any country in the world.
Yet, in a previous question, we already determined the AI could not be trusted and that we were in a left turn.
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