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Synonyms for preview



Synonyms for preview

an advertisement consisting of short scenes from a motion picture that will appear in the near future

a screening for a select audience in advance of release for the general public

watch (a movie or play) before it is released to the general public

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After conducting the software validation, preparers should upload the instance documents to the SEC's online system where preparers can privately preview the financial statements as rendered by the SEC's Previewer software (tinyurl.
BEING a TV previewer is a bit like being a royal food-taster.
AutoGraFX PreViewer enables the designer to see the graphics exactly as they will appear in the finished hardware while the graphics are under development.
To all clients evaluating the Vizit SP software, DocPoint is also authorized to grant unlimited and free use of the Vizit Previewer.
The Fujitsu AutoGraFX PreViewer consists of hardware based on the Fujitsu graphics display controller (GDC) technology and a powerful application combined in a standalone display controller system.
Flex Document Previewer - Zoom, snap points and full-screen
0's search capabilities allows users to perform a full text searches inside the Vizit SP user interface, and easily view documents from their search results via the Vizit Previewer.
And where GMTV launch a two-week search to find, no, not a cure for cancer but one-day holiday cover for smarmy telly previewer and oneman answer to the missing oil crisis, Richard "My Good Self" Arnold, on The Sofa Factor?
The release also includes a graphical artwork previewer and pre-production editor, allowing designers to inspect masks for layer alignment issues, short circuits or open circuits, and then make direct real-time adjustments with less guesswork.
New Widgets Include Slideshow, My Favorites, Wish List, Product Cloud and Amazon Unbox Video Previewer
com), the premier Web-wide video search and navigation platform, announced today that it has embedded the new Amazon Unbox Video Previewer into its site.
Organizations evaluating Vizit SP will be granted free and unlimited usage of the Vizit Previewer for all their SharePoint users, providing them with fast access to previews of TIFF, Word, PDF, and other documents in any MOSS 2007 or WSS 3.
MakeMeSustainable has developed the Sustainable Action Previewer, which observes the long-term carbon and financial savings associated with chosen actions and implements them in three stages: preview, pledge, and perform.
The Vizit Previewer interface gives users fast access to thumbnail previews of TIFF, Word, PDF, and other documents in any MOSS 2007 document list or library.
It provides a 3D EM layout previewer that allows designers to check for drawing parameterization or errors before launching full-wave 3D EM simulations or optimization from the ADS circuit design environment.