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A major challenge for psychiatric epidemiologists is to increase the relevance of their research with regard to their counterparts in preventive psychiatry and to the policy makers (8).
To prevent the birth of unwanted children through family planning, birth control, and abortion is preventive medicine, preventive psychiatry, and prevention of violent crime.
8] They agree that the role the family physician plays in preventive psychiatry in the early care of the bereaved person is extremely important.
And studies of human behavior and performance on the space station "could contribute to the field of preventive psychiatry, particularly in assisting those who must work for long periods in isolated and/or confined or hazardous environments," says the report.
William Menninger, Karl's brother and one of the architects of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), had stated clearly that Freudian theory serves as the only logical basis for preventive psychiatry a valid mental hygiene.
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