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  • verb

Synonyms for prevaricate




  • be direct
  • be frank
  • be straightforward
  • be blunt
  • come straight to the point
  • not beat about the bush

Synonyms for prevaricate

to stray from truthfulness or sincerity

to make untrue declarations

Synonyms for prevaricate

be deliberately ambiguous or unclear in order to mislead or withhold information

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When they start prevaricating we normally walk away.
He did, however, have to call on those old manipulative, prevaricating tricks he plays so well, when the actor originally scheduled to play Phil dropped out a week before cameras rolled.
The Environment Agency had been accused of prevaricating , after taking an age to accept what most anglers thought was already proved.
After prevaricating for eight years, the only "solution" they recognize is blowing the country to bits, waiting for total surrender, a policy which leads to the genocide of two nations at once.
Chris Williamson, Labour MP for Derby North, said last night: "It's time the Government stopped prevaricating and put the national interest first.
There can be no more prevaricating -release all the documents to the Hillsborough panel
Warwickshire County Cricket Club chief executive Colin Povey accused the council of prevaricating and said Birmingham had "shot itself in the foot" with the decision.
At that time they blamed the Local Health Board for failure to complete the business plan for these phases; now they have found another way of prevaricating by refusing to fund fully the revenue cost of running these new phases when built.
prevaricating about the Mail's elected mayor campaign.
Look out for customers increasingly disputing invoices - are they simply prevaricating to muddy the water?
A spokesman for the university said, 'For Rhodri Williams, the chairman of the board, to try and use the occasion in a public statement to wrongly criticise the university for being 'unwilling to accept responsibility for the language' and for prevaricating is grossly insulting.
I have listened to politicians prevaricating over many years.
The truth is the issue is mired in confusion with hardline feminists claiming there's no difference between a victim who's been degraded, violated and raped at knifepoint and someone prevaricating over whether to say "no" in a man's bed.
THE award for cheeky question of the week that gets to the heart of the matter must go to journalist Quentin Letts, who, at a Prime Ministerial briefing, was the seventh person to ask a prevaricating Gordon Brown if he supported his deputy Harriet Harman in Labour's secret donations row.