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  • verb

Synonyms for prevaricate




  • be direct
  • be frank
  • be straightforward
  • be blunt
  • come straight to the point
  • not beat about the bush

Synonyms for prevaricate

to stray from truthfulness or sincerity

to make untrue declarations

Synonyms for prevaricate

be deliberately ambiguous or unclear in order to mislead or withhold information

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"Government must not prevaricate, patients can suffer no longer LIAM DORNAN ON THE HEALTH SERVICE CRISIS
Unlike him, I lived to prevaricate another day." Highly recommended.
Our MPs would do well to remember that most of these victims are little children, and for as long as they continue to prevaricate on this issue victims like little Kyle will continue to present themselves to specialist burns units.
If the North continues to prevaricate on the issue, Japan may set a specific date by which the country must give a convincing answer, the sources said.
they prevaricate & strut--they go out & glitter but
When Linda Peterson, a 27-year veteran account executive for the Los Angeles Times, received an internal e-mail offering employees more than 50 years of age a buyout, she decided not to prevaricate. After observing the nation's contracting economy and the rampant downsizing in corporate America, the 55-year-old felt it was prudent to act swiftly, especially since the company was only allowing a 45-day window for employees to make up their minds.
The BBOA were on the point of joining the Fund board and advising members to pay up, but appear to have used the case as a reason to prevaricate.
I know from my own experience that some Labour MPs are against Brexit but frightened of their electorate, so they prevaricate.
The west walked away when the British Parliament voted against air strikes and allowed president Barack Obama to prevaricate and do nothing.
Once the Euro-hoo-hah is over, she has no excuse to prevaricate.
Some Kopites her he - d rs doubt Evra's side of the story and claim he is prone to prevaricate. How appropriate then that prevaricate is an anagram of Patrice Evra.
It seems as if the man will not be able to prevaricate for very much longer.
The opportunities for Government departments and councils to prevaricate and refuse FoI requests are legion.
The Tories and New Labour have done their best to prevaricate on increased powers and the language issue, and if possible kick everything into the long grass.
The Association's Matt Whitticombe said: "While staff at the cutting edge of the NHS face the threat of assault on a regular basis, desk-bound administrators continue to prevaricate over the merits of body armour."