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In some cases whilst adding 15-20% on development cost, changing turbines more suited to the prevailing wind conditions could more than double the annual output of a project without dramatically increasing the dimensions of the turbine.
Prevailing Wind will be a short price to win a maiden next time, but I'd be inclined to oppose him if the ground has got any cut in it, as he looks a fastground type.
The birds also position their bodies to tack, as a sailboat does, moving at an angle to the prevailing wind direction, he says.
Employees and facility designers aware of prevailing wind directions can also play a part by confining "loading and unloading procedures to the downwind side of storage piles," according to the Albuquerque guidelines.
It is the only hole on the front nine normally played into the prevailing wind and can play anything from a sand wedge to six-iron depending on pin position and strength of the wind.
The prevailing wind blows left to right, off the water, forcing you to hit out over the rocks and surf and have faith that the breeze will blow the ball back into play.
Cllr Phillip Morris-Jones (Con, Fosse) said it was not commonly accepted as the best direction for aircraft take-offs and landings because the prevailing wind is westerly.
A shelterbelt is a row (or rows) of trees planted across the prevailing wind direction to slow or deflect the wind.
When staking trees, place the stake on the side which receives the prevailing wind, so that the stem is blown away from the stake and the bark is less likely to be damaged.
If the prevailing wind is blowing the other way than today then they are much, much different holes.
HOLE 1 - PAR 4 White 366 yards, Yellow 356 Generally played into the prevailing wind, which will lengthen the hole, it is nevertheless reasonably straightforward.
However, if there is a prevailing wind from the left side, the airstream the arrow experiences will be lined up slightly to the left side of the target.
It's into that same prevailing wind that fresh snowfalls point, if you examine the drifts closely, and snow is deposited on the leeward side of obstacles.
The R&A's changes have seen the 17th at Turnberry lengthened by 60 yards to make it a 558yd par five into the prevailing wind while the 18th has become a tricky dog-leg.
Both the shipping company and the manufacturer calculate that by using the kite towing system, a ship's average annual fuel costs can be reduced by up to 35 per cent, depending on the prevailing wind conditions.