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an annually elected magistrate of the ancient Roman Republic


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(64) He, too, harbored strong resentment against the Soviets and shortly after his appointment as pretor in the fall of 1941, he addressed the crowd: "Soviet power used to mistreat me, put me in prison, and now I can live freely." (65) He once referred to the killing of Jews as a "curs death for a cur." (66) It thus appears that the members of this criminal gang who massacred thousands of Jews and rode roughshod over local Christians for more than three years had similar experiences under the Soviets and developed strong resentment against that regime, which they identified as "Jewish." They closely associated themselves with the cause of the Axis powers and heavily invested in the anticommunist and anti-Jewish crusade.
Cita los Anales del cronista VALERIO ANTIAS, quien referia como un tribuno de la plebe llamado LICINIO, al decidir convocar a alguien a juicio por alta traicion (perduellio), solicito (peposcit) al pretor que fijase el dia para la reunion de la asamblea centuriada: