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Synonyms for preternatural

greatly exceeding or departing from the normal course of nature

of, coming from, or relating to forces or beings that exist outside the natural world

Synonyms for preternatural

surpassing the ordinary or normal


Related Words

existing outside of or not in accordance with nature

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(7) Shakespeare's concept of form as it appears in these passages is descended from Aristotle's hylomorphism, but was more directly shaped by derivatives of those theories that were developed by scholastic philosophers and which continued into the seventeenth century as one of the mechanisms of the various versions of preternatural philosophy that proliferated as traditional Aristotelian natural philosophy began to fall apart but before the theories and methods of the new science had become established.
"As David Foster Wallace wrote, he is 'one of those rare, preternatural athletes who appear to be exempt, at least in part, from certain physical laws.' He also seems exempt from the laws of aging.
Everett's preternatural conservatism undergirded his "anti-anti-slavery" views for many years, making him a frequent abolitionist target.
Yet rather than challenge the established titans head on, Battalion resurrects a brutal and unforgiving competitive style from a time in multiplayer shooters when pixel-perfect aiming and preternatural knowledge of enemy spawn routes was an entry requirement.
And while it often takes a skilled accountant -- and this year might need one with preternatural abilities -- to figure out the best ways to cut a client's tax bill, or at least to avoid penalties for taxes that are inevitable, Kiplinger has come up with some state taxes and exemptions that even that preternatural accountant might not have thought of.
MUSIC Moulettes The art rockers are touring in support of their album Preternatural, inspired by the discovery of a microscopic creature that is able to survive deep underground, without oxygen or sunlight, thereby redefining the perimeters of life as we knew it.
But this advice is not preternatural; it is simply a reiteration of time-tested health precepts that point to the preferred approach to many lifestyle-derived, and perforce interlinked, health conditions such as blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems.
In the English language section, John Freeman took the Roland Mathias Poetry Award for What Possessed Me, which explores childhood memories and lifelong relationships with humour, poignancy, and preternatural clarity.
Encompassing ShakespeareAEs plays, sonnets, and poems, the book defines terms and imagery in ShakespeareAEs writing related to magic, witchcraft, spells, curses, ghosts, spirits, devils, demons, elves, fairies, hobgoblins, and other preternatural phenomena.
Cerebral and introspective but spiced with action, danger, and passion, Kelsey and Iriel are sure to captivate preternatural believers and skeptics alike.
Don't be put off by the foray into the preternatural if its not your thing, because at its core it really is just superb fiction.
Defined by its protagonist's preternatural habit of doing the wrong thing at the wrong time, Eytan Rockaway's directorial debut involves a young woman who takes a job as the nocturnal security guard at a going-to-seed residential complex, only to find that it houses secrets of a most sinister, supernatural order.
Syquia said many dioceses do not have in-house exorcists, which drives the faithful to seek out "healers and occult practitioners." This only serves to exacerbate the problem, he said, because seeking out the preternatural to receive healing, which he said only God can give, attracts the demonic.
I can't remember ever seeing a Coventry player with such preternatural ability (Robbie Keane was the closest, perhaps).
The breadth, the depth, the historical and cultural reach, and the preternatural musings of the collection as a whole demand it be read as an epic poem, both in the sense of heightened language and in terms of its ambition.