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Synonyms for pretentiousness

Synonyms for pretentiousness

lack of elegance as a consequence of being pompous and puffed up with vanity

the quality of being pretentious (behaving or speaking in such a manner as to create a false appearance of great importance or worth)

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With that, Robert is down deception's rabbit hole and into a passionate, world-upside-down love affair, all played out in a whirlwind narrative filled with witty repartee -- part screwball comedy, and part takedowns of left-coast pretentiousness and hubris-powered international intrigue.
A whirlwind of murder, necrophilia and even a touch of cannibalism is delivered with alarming pretentiousness.
IF YOU suffered through Terrence Malick's last offering, To The Wonder, you'll know what to expect from the follow-up - pretentiousness, wall-towall tedium and a roster of big-name stars attempting to burnish their arthouse credentials.
If, in such books, glossaries purporting to define simple English words--life, death, dream, light--stoke your pretentiousness gauge, turn back now.
At fifteen, Francis displays a fascinating range of self-awareness, pretentiousness, and naivete.
I am completely at one with her assessment of 'Peacock' Sam Barton who not only has an excessive amount of vanity but an offensive pretentiousness and cheek.
I do not embrace the pretentiousness that can surround the art world, I'm just trying to portray what can be the reality of life in Liverpool.
Busch Signature is the first and only copper lager in the category and a simple, approachable choice for consumers that seek a more flavorful beer without any of the pretentiousness.
Harris on several occasions expressed his disgust with "show business" and the pretentiousness of other actors.
Instead of wallowing in an indecipherable mudbath of puerile pretentiousness, why can't the allegedly brilliant writer just tell the story?
A great deal of pretentiousness, I think you can see, has crept into automobile paintwork.
As she's worked to expand it over 50 years, her rationale has been, as she told one interviewer a few years ago, "not for the pretentiousness of it, but for peace of mind and a search for truth.
This new makeover series is part Changing Rooms, part Ten Years Younger, but mostly a massive ego trip for Martyn, who wears a cravat, calls everyone "My Dahling" and delights in his own pretentiousness.
Friendly welcoming staff and a less snooty ambience - they know they are good so pretentiousness is not needed
Anderson has said "Thick as a Brick," the 1972 album that featured just one song spread out over two sides of an LP, was intended to spoof what he saw as the pretentiousness of prog-rock bands.