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in a pretentious manner

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In some of the images, Samaras seems to be making fun of himself; in others, he seems pretentiously tragic.
2) Dump the traditional studio above the courts and switch to the pretentiously named Gatsby Club, a soul-destroying corporate hospitality suite.
Then she has to transfer these aspirations to her son, whom she pretentiously names Connell.
The university is not a for-profit business where "branding" adjectives are pretentiously thrown about.
Jasienski was a typical futurist of the 1920s, pretentiously declaring that social structures should be destroyed and full anarchy introduced.
This country is no real estate of any of the charlatans swaggering so pretentiously on the political stage?
Disingenuously and pretentiously, Monica said that the tragedy of Tyler Clementi, the Rutgers freshman who committed suicide in 2010 after his roommate secretly streamed his liaison with another man over the Web, had wrought "a Prufrockian moment'': Did she dare disturb the Clinton universe to become a spokeswoman against bullying?
The artists, Bohemians dressed outlandishly, mingled with visitors and spouted pretentiously about their work.
Rock's performance is pretentiously over the top and this will go down in history as one of his worst movies.
Both pretentiously intellectual and mind-numbingly boring.
Neither the EU17 (eurozone), nor the EU27 (soon to be 28 with the decision, on the same day, on the admission of Croatia), the new configuration, pretentiously called the Fiscal Stability Union', is a hybrid being.
Food reviews in the UAE can often be pretentiously pedantic, if there's such a phrase.
Don't miss your FREE TV mag in Saturday's Record BACK FROM THE DEAD THE BODY FARM BBC1, 9pm DR Eve Lockhart squints rather pretentiously at gore and maggots in this brand-new spin-off to Waking The Dead.
If Sam wasn't promising to make the entire Welsh nation support the Bluebirds he was pretentiously describing his new club as the 'Barcelona of Wales'.
No pretentiously small portions, and no confusing attempts at fusion cuisine.