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in a pretentious manner

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But in the end, the mindset of a pretentiously conservative society won.
The two-day Grand Depart, as it is pretentiously titled, will cheer people up, but let's not fall off the saddle in a frenzy of anticipation.
The artists, Bohemians dressed outlandishly, mingled with visitors and spouted pretentiously about their work.
Rock's performance is pretentiously over the top and this will go down in history as one of his worst movies.
Both pretentiously intellectual and mind-numbingly boring.
George Kennan, who, perhaps pretentiously, considered himself F.
Don't miss your FREE TV mag in Saturday's Record BACK FROM THE DEAD THE BODY FARM BBC1, 9pm DR Eve Lockhart squints rather pretentiously at gore and maggots in this brand-new spin-off to Waking The Dead.
If Sam wasn't promising to make the entire Welsh nation support the Bluebirds he was pretentiously describing his new club as the 'Barcelona of Wales'.
To begin with, it was a matter of lodging-houses, crowded, insanitary and very cheap, which were pretentiously called 'halls of residence'.
Beads fly off neurotic teenage corporate super-heroes, sprinkle from pretentiously collegiate talking dogs and congeal on rocks.
It is unsurprising then that Tilson's work should so effortlessly take us down into ancient cultures while paring away the complications of architectural conceits or pretentiously grand subjects.
But in America's classrooms, we ban those mobile technologies in favor of using 18th-century pencil and paper, boring the kids to sleep and to dropping out, as we pretentiously claim we are teaching 21st-century skills such as self-directed learning, teamwork and problem solving.
Thus, it is difficult to see many of the DEFA films as more than quaint, provincial, often pretentiously melodramatic artifacts of an insular culture cut off from the comparably more free and diverse artistic practices of the West.
They are pretentiously friendly and would even speak your language to make you believe that they are trustworthy.