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The force's DC Robert Seymour said: "Members of the public must be aware that it is illegal to vote by pretending to be someone else, even if they've been asked to do it as a favour by the person they are pretending to be.
The police said about two dozens of cases were already registered against Jameel Ahmed in different police stations of the city including Margalla, Kohsar, Abpara and Karachi Company Police Station etc for pretending himself as an employee of different law enforcement agencies in separate incidents and minting money from people.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A woman who deceives people by pretending as an epilepsy patient was caught on camera by Cihan news agency.
For example, when the mother hands a cup to the child after pretending to drink with an empty cup, does the child understand it is pretend play upon taking the cup?
Kirin is still winding up his dad by pretending to love baby-sitting and Bernice is pretending that she's completely over Andy as she plans to do Katie's wedding make-up for her.
Bernice is pretending she is over Andy Bernice is pretending she is over Andy |
NHS boob job row girl Josie Cunningham - who claimed she was duped by a love rat pretending to be an ex-Midland soccer star - is being linked with the new series of I'm A Celebrity.
Re I'll Stop Pretending to Be a Christian, Encrusted Words, Online Blog
MORE than three-quarters of Britons admit to having lied to appear more intelligent, with people regularly claiming to have read classic literary works or pretending to speak a foreign language in a bid to impress others.
The study also discovered that talking loudly about politics, re-tweeting a social media post on metaphysics or pretending to be a wine buff, were other little acts of make-believe.
pretending banana is a phone); attribution of imaginary properties (e.
Ellen enjoyed seeing how many girls weren't afraid to keep pretending as they got older.
He plays Philip Larkin in Pretending to be Me, a dramatised compilation from the letters, articles and poems of the poet and university librarian in Hull, where Courtenay was brought up.
The movie follows the story of Danny, Sandler, a plastic surgeon who keeps commitment crazy women at bay by pretending to be married.
BOY George has blasted George Michael for pretending to be straight during the 80s.