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Synonyms for pretence

Synonyms for pretence

a false or unsupportable quality

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an artful or simulated semblance

imaginative intellectual play

References in classic literature ?
There was a nurse, however, in the house, a rosy-faced woman always making an obtrusive pretence of being gay and good-humoured, who had nursed them both, and who had secured their affections before I saw them.
Fair words and fair pretences; but I penetrated below those assertions of themselves and depreciations of me, and they were no better.
If, when those infernal finger-marks were on the white and breathless countenance of Alfred Lammle, Esquire, they denoted that he conceived the purpose of subduing his dear wife Mrs Alfred Lammle, by at once divesting her of any lingering reality or pretence of self-respect, the purpose would seem to have been presently executed.
This would not do; she immediately stopped, under pretence of having some alteration to make in the lacing of her halfboot, and stooping down in complete occupation of the footpath, begged them to have the goodness to walk on, and she would follow in half a minute.
In trickery, evasion, procrastination, spoliation, botheration, under false pretences of all sorts, there are influences that can never come to good.
Just as I had got my white waistcoat on, Penelope presented herself at my toilet, on pretence of brushing what little hair I have got left, and improving the tie of my white cravat.
LAHORE -- Ombudsman Punjab Javed Mahmood on Wednesday ordered the DCO Lahore to take action against the members of Dengue Squad who tease girls in pretence of inspecting school.
The mum-of-two said Pretence Caf and Wine Bar will open for the final time on Saturday.
Former Tory Party chairman Lord Tebbit said: "I wouldn't want anything done to add to the pretence that a civil partnership is a marriage."
KHAIRPUR, January 06, 2010 (Frontier Star ): Provincial Government of Sindh has decided to terminate more than 1600 employees of National Improvement Of Water Course (NIWC) over pretence of shortage of funds.
"We will not allow ourselves to be targeted under any circumstances, either under the pretence of unknown rockets or under the pretence of the elation of victory here or there."
For them too, the onion-layers of armour and pretence are beginning to peel away, as they discover the courage to be their true selves--giving 'Reality TV' a whole new level of meaning.
While many continuing Anglican denominations (such as the Reformed Episcopalians and the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada) have fruitful ministries, they do not have the pretence of being "in the communion," nor should Nigeria.
There are other reasons besides excessive empathy why we might fall for the pretence of the character disordered.
All pretence of liveness was ruined when Ozzy Osbourne turned up looking fit and healthy.