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Synonyms for presuppose

Synonyms for presuppose

to take for granted without proof

Synonyms for presuppose

take for granted or as a given

require as a necessary antecedent or precondition


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The research of the Institute des Sciences Animiques (ISA) solved this issue by showing that naturalized African epistemology must be drawn through an analysis of African initiatory educational frames and the presuppositional study of the KCA (Luyaluka 2016).
Presuppositional adverbs form an extremely interesting class of discourse markers, whose conventional meaning is precisely that of introducing presuppositions in discourse--they have no other descriptive linguistic meaning.
But because, as Stephen Levinson is quite correct in pointing out, "constancy under negation is not in fact a rich enough definition to pick out a coherent, homogenous set of inferences," the tests for presuppositional defeasibility (the notion that presuppositions are liable to evaporate in certain contexts) and the projection problem of presuppositions (i.
Finally, Study 3 replicated previous findings of a link between presuppositional compatibility and treatment fidelity (Saferstein, 2007; Vakoch & Strupp, 2000; Vasco, 1994).
There seems to be almost an embarrassment that arises when Christians are called on to make such presuppositional statements in public, which is most likely the effect of being indoctrinated with authoritarian tolerance.
The most prototypical core, located within the domain of presuppositional terms (according to Traugott, 1990:505, "terms that presuppose, entail or implicate relations to a scale and that, at least in some of their meanings, express speaker attitudes") is supplemented with another important core, located within the domain of exclusive or focusing adverbs (Nevalainen, 1991).
Here we have presuppositional knowing undermining itself through its own attempt to be self-consistent, eliminating the distinction between knowing and its object, and thereby ushering in the element of logic.
Finding something an intelligible object of remorse is thus not optional; this is a presuppositional necessity built into the very possibility of the ethical.
Pareyson's work, in contrast, explicitly rejects such presuppositional system building:
As Collingwood explicitly put it later, Christianity recognizes (and expresses exemplarily by the ontological argument), a form of thought productive of beliefs which, like grounding presuppositional contexts, are immediate and indemonstrable.
A postcritical theology was open to the contributions of the modern turn to criticism, but Dulles noted at least four general presuppositional and methodological flaws in the critical enterprise that he periodically applied to biblical and historical scholarship.
The absence of engagement with fundamental hermeneutical and presuppositional questions, such as the clash of the metaphysical premises between the definition of ultimate reality in the NeoPlatonism from which ideas of human divinization arise, makes the volume only a launching pad for further exploration of how the concept of theosis in Christian thought reflects and/or overcomes its alien presuppositions when introduced into the world of the patriarchs and prophets.
Would it not make better sense to see each intellectual tradition or discipline as pursuing an integral approach to a given topic, one that likely distinguished it from competing or parallel traditions, even ones that it may have presuppositional, theological, or sociological connections with?
They exist on parallel tracks and typically have little interaction because they explain phenomena from different viewpoints, ask different questions, and provide different types of answers from different presuppositional platforms.
The concepts he took as basic were the two presuppositional concepts of experimental work already considered, particles and waves.