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Synonyms for presuppose

Synonyms for presuppose

to take for granted without proof

Synonyms for presuppose

take for granted or as a given

require as a necessary antecedent or precondition


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This type of presupposition is triggered by presuppositional discourse stretches such as "Diaz considered Gonzalez to be his most trusted and loyal subordinate, a factor which contributed greatly toward Gonzalez' becoming President in 1880," "The years between 1880 and 1884 marked the first period of any significant length when relations between the two nations (i.
Nothing more minimal, however, could be present for phenomenological observation given the relatedness ingredient in the phenomenon of presuppositional, foundational, conscious knowing.
Different tribes, operating from different presuppositional foundations, will construct different helping models.
a) the presuppositional use is given by a default collocation of nominal concept and positional, either by convention, or in the case of physical objects by their canonical position according to the stereotypical orientation of axes.
The presuppositional approach for defining human uniqueness presumes at the start that humans are deserving of dignity and that this assumption requires no justification.
In this presentation, looking at the framework of human labor, the artistic, and spirituality, we have advanced the position that the notion of culture must be taken seriously due to its fundamental presuppositional status in the varieties of black theology in South Africa and the U.
This sanctified relational space is created and also defined by doing the rituals, which provide the presuppositional ground plan of an order of relationships, "in which the solidarity of the people as a whole wells up from deeper kinds of solidarity between individual and individual, exercised in specific relationships.
We, first, will test the effect of an alternative question form designed to reduce the presuppositional effects of the conventional question form: "how concerned are you about.
Given its presuppositional basis, the CDEP scheme has not operated to further Aboriginal self-determination; rather, it has proven itself to be a successful technique for a European conceptualisation of self-determination whose practice has bureaucratrised, commodified and disciplined the Aboriginal domain with the effect of indigenising poverty.
The great promise of this approach was that of liberating operatic analysis from those presuppositional constraints, mistakenly held to be universal, deriving from German instrumental music, with its characteristic emphasis on tonality as the principal vehicle of large-scale structure.
82) But because, as Levinson is quite correct in pointing out, "constancy under negation is not in fact a rich enough definition to pick out a coherent, homogenous set of inferences," (83) the tests for presuppositional defeasibility (the notion that presuppositions are liable to evaporate in certain contexts) and the projection problem of presuppositions (i.
For purposes of this article, however, the ideological, theological, and presuppositional divergences are less germane than are the similarities and what binds folk in this arena together (against common perceived enemies).
An overview of these texts and their presuppositional basis, Nostra aetate #4, is now called for.
It focuses on developing integration skills in students and trainees through Christian or integrative clinical supervision in five major aspects or areas of integration: presuppositional, theoretical, intervention, therapeutic relationship, and personal (Gingrich & Worthington, 2007).