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Synonyms for presupposition

Synonyms for presupposition

something taken to be true without proof

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the act of presupposing

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This formed the background of the presuppositions of Harvey Road (4).
In addition to following Lambrecht's (1994) use of the terms ASSERTION and PRESUPPOSITION, we have also found it useful to incorporate his definitions of TOPIC and FOCUS.
Presupposition depends on the knowledge of the communicators and contents of a message should be chosen carefully.
Presupposition is one of the critical elements in understanding information exchange and has been much discussed in formal semantics and pragmatics.
In my senior year I took my first class on Japanese literature and suddenly realized that rather than being presuppositionless New Criticism in fact concealed many important presuppositions with its high value on ambiguity, irony, and metaphor, and, particularly with fiction, the additional expectations of conflict, complication, rising action, falling action, and denouement.
As we stated earlier, this called for the utilization of the Pluridisciplinary approach that helped us to mix linguistics and mathematical approaches: more precisely, Linguistic Presupposition and Fractal Methodology.
On the author's reading, Kant holds that every human agent ought to adopt the presupposition that she has an evil character, not because we know this presupposition to be true, but because this presupposition plays a crucial role in our quest for moral progress and greater virtue.
--presents a fundamental challenge to the presupposition of randomness in conventional quantum theory--thereby providing a scientific framework for understanding anomalous phenomena and the associated departures from the predictions of conventional quantum theory.
"The presupposition of any possible joint actions with the Turkish side in the fight against terrorism or even Ankara's rethinking of its line on terrorists in Syria or Iraq in these conditions looks more like a fantasy than reality," Syromolotov told RIA Novosti in an interview.
The 14 selected papers by philosopher, linguist, logician, cognitive scientist, and computer scientist Kamp cover events, temporal reference, and discourse; semantics and pragmatics; vagueness; discourse representation; presupposition; and propositional attitudes.
The process of accommodation raises a host of problematic issues, the most disturbing of which is what are the limits of presupposition accommodation?
They comprise author's intention, text pragmatic orientation and presupposition. Linguistic means could be divided into several groups: lexical means, syntactic-grammatical means, symbolic-graphical means, and logical-semantic means.
This called for the utilization of the Pluridisciplinary approach that helped me to mix linguistics and mathematical approaches--more precisely, Linguistic Presupposition and Fractal Methodology.
Bringing to light the unspoken presupposition of the libertarian ideal--the atomic isolation of individuals--shows the radical individualist argument to be deeply problematic, because it actually implies radical and continuous violations of peoples' freedom precisely as a result of the assertion of absolute individual freedom.