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Synonyms for presupposition

Synonyms for presupposition

something taken to be true without proof

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the act of presupposing

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The more fundamental a presupposition is, the more difficult it tends to be to challenge.
We think this conclusion reopens a few issues about the semantics and the pragmatics of cleft sentences, in particular one, namely: how much of "exhaustiveness" should be codified as a "conventional feature" of cleft sentences (as an entailment, or as a presupposition, or, yet, as a generalized implicature, for example), and how much should be derived by contextual calculation?
The intention in this paper is to proffer a tentative explanation of the strength of the commitment to education about the environment in terms of taken-for-granted presuppositions about teaching and curriculum.
The process of accommodation raises a host of problematic issues, the most disturbing of which is what are the limits of presupposition accommodation?
For example, since clefts automatically give rise to an existential presupposition, which in some sense constitutes background information, we would like to know more precisely what we mean by background information, especially in cases where the presupposition is not contextually or otherwise "given" information.
The foreign minister said he is calling a meeting Tuesday among pertinent cabinet ministers on the presupposition that the two leaders might decide to enter negotiations on concluding an agreement.
What is at stake is a presuppositional model for reading, and as such the stylistic work of the novel has contemporary relevance to the still-emerging pragmatics of intertextual reading--the activity in which Catherine is deeply engaged--where presupposition has been accorded a crucial role.
They comprise author's intention, text pragmatic orientation and presupposition.
This called for the utilization of the Pluridisciplinary approach that helped me to mix linguistics and mathematical approaches--more precisely, Linguistic Presupposition and Fractal Methodology.
This presupposition, and therefore the simple libertarian argument itself, is immensely idealistic, though this idealism may not be evident until the presupposition is made clear.
A presupposition, variously referred to as a metatheoretical value, metaphysical commitment, epistemic commitment, philosophical stance, or worldview, is an implicit assumption or deeply held position whose truth is taken for granted by those who hold the position and which cannot be confirmed or disconfirmed (Koltko-Rivera, 2004; VandenBos, 2007).
Hence, a presupposition is an idea that ahead of time underlies another idea or set of ideas.
The transformation can be classified into five aspects: the modeling of procedures and forms; the presupposition of aims and too many voices from researchers; the lack of deep description and interpretation; the little reflection on the method itself and closing structure.
Equality, instead, is a presupposition of those who act on their own behalf.