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Synonyms for presuppose

Synonyms for presuppose

to take for granted without proof

Synonyms for presuppose

take for granted or as a given

require as a necessary antecedent or precondition


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Thus the primitive notion of pragmatic presupposition is that of a speaker presupposing something about the addressee or/and the context.
It appears however, that the occupying forces that appointed the IGC did not have much sympathy for positivist jurists who, although committed doctrinally to stay disinterested in matters political, were having difficulties presupposing the appointment of the IGC as the 'basic norm.' Thus on March 8th of 2004, the IGC proceeded to issue an interim Constitution, or the Law of Administration for the State of Iraq for the Transitional Period (TAL), which reconfigured the parameters and players in the currently ongoing political process in Iraq.
However, when it comes to serving the Church, what ought to matter is not how many letters are behind my name, or how many workshops I've attended, but rather my love for Christ and fidelity to His teachings (presupposing a knowledge thereof).
This raises the issue of how much the mountain-born Chiara could have read and understood her younger lover's letters with classical allusions (based on letter-writing guides); Weinstein presupposing limited female literacy postulates a clerical interpreter, fra Bartolomeo.
Gazprom, presupposing construction of several gas pipelines from Russia to China, plans to build gas pipelines from the Tomsk Region, southwestern Siberia, to northern provinces of China; from the Irkutsk Region, southern Siberia, via Mongolia, to central China; from Yakutia, northern Siberia, along the China Eastern Railway, to Shanghai; and from Sakhalin Island to Japan.
Presupposition is the double bind of intertextual reading, since the intertext is presupposed in order to be present yet it is not possible to say whether it is the text or the reader who is doing the presupposing. Presupposition tends to make intertextual reading a binarism of "like" versus "unlike"-- a version of what Roland Barthes calls the "continuous metonymic skid" that is reading (92)--and we see how it creates difficulties not only for Catherine but also for readers of Northanger Abbey as they try to determine the novel's positioning of its (interrelated) intertexts: Gothic and parody.
She might have flagged her mid-'60s experiment in theater design or her large-scale 1963 environmental piece, Continuum, but she dismisses the question of including such contextual material as "stupid." The only "process" of significance is that which is transparently revealed by the form of each work (presupposing, of course, a sufficiently "sensitive" viewer).
The weakness of the present study lies not so much in the lack of evidence for Cynics in Galilee (their presence in the Decapolis cannot be declared improbable when Gadara was to produce Oenomaus) as in the underweighting of texts presupposing dissimilarity.
Setiya also rejects versions presupposing that practical thought is thought about how to satisfy one's final desires (or, somewhat more obscurely, that it is thought ultimately "triggered" by one's final desires) or that it aims at self-knowledge.
While some sections of Chapter 7 seem inessential to his main project, in Chapter 8 Darwall presents a compelling case for the fundamental inability of a Humean conventionalist understanding of justice and obligation to make sense of acting "conventionally" without presupposing the second-personal structure of address and recognition.
Presupposing the concept of what may be called an immediate proof, in which something is proved of an arbitrary individual, Aristotle in response now demands that a proof be immediate of the primary thing itself and goes on to sketch a framework in which an intensional criterion for primacy can be formulated.