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In Actavis, the Supreme Court declined to hold these agreements presumptively anticompetitive as advocated by the FTC or apply the scope-of-the-patent test, but held that such agreements should be reviewed by the rule-of-reason antitrust standard, and also held that courts should evaluate the procompetitive and anticompetitive effects of these agreements on a case by case basis.
Presumptively, if I take the Bar seminar, I am then supposed to be knowledgable.
The appendix lists 1,043 airline routes between cities where, according to the Justice Department, the combined company would have a presumptively illegal monopoly or near monopoly.
Officials at Actavis praised the high court's decision not to declare reverse payment settlements presumptively unlawful, but said the ruling will place additional and unnecessary administrative burdens on the drug industry.
armed forces in both World Wars, Vietnam and most recently in Afghanistan, Sikhs are presumptively not permitted to join the U.
In its brief, GPhA urges the court to reject the FTC's argument that such settlements should be declared presumptively unlawful under the "quick look" doctrine whenever they include a so-called reverse payment.
I have just had a heart attack and I know it is likely to be presumptively service connected, but I am afraid to file an additional claim for that since my claim for the two types of cancer I have has still not been resolved.
469(h)(2), losses from an interest in a limited partnership are presumptively treated as passive losses by providing that no limited partner in a limited partnership will be treated as materially participating in that interest.
In finding that the legislature's interest rate on damage awards in eminent domain proceedings was presumptively reasonable, the court found that a landowner seeking a higher rate of interest must clear two hurdles.
RBS Financial Products agreed to the payment after the state determined the company "financed, purchased and securitized residential loans that were presumptively unfair.
For example, Colorado presumptively views restrictive agreements as not enforceable.
The opinion further states any metadata maintained by an agency as a part of an electronic record is presumptively producible under FOIA.
That ruling implies that local winery privileges such as tasting rooms are presumptively valid, even though they are not extended, to out-of-state wineries.
Toxic industrial chemicals and materials are presumptively identified in the analytical chemistry section.