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No to presuming that we can respond to an essentializing sexist, racist poetry scene without using the language of its binaries
Of course we need to encourage more people to donate organs, but presuming consent has the whiff of the nanny state about it.
That's the trouble with presuming anything, you might well presume wrong.
"Given that the majority of people say they would be willing to donate, there are good reasons for presuming consent and requiring those who object to donation to register their views.
Given that many (if not most) citizens will fail to discuss their donation wishes with family or record their wishes in writing, presuming consent instead of non-consent should remove a barrier that would have otherwise barred such donations.
Summary: The committee studying the possibility of the presuming the iron ores in Wade Alshate
If the government presumes you want to hand your organs on to the needy, then I am sorry, but the government is presuming too much.
And this goes to the nub of the matter: there is no point theoretically presuming consent if, when it comes to it, clinicians won't be willing to presume any such thing and will ask family members to decide.