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Synonyms for presumable

based on probability or presumption

Synonyms for presumable

capable of being inferred on slight grounds

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Thereof, these presumable monsters not so perversely created though - the 'devices' which are remotely controlled or governed further on the foundation of values the bosses hold.
The presumable worn area for a tapered roller bearing is illustrated in Fig.
Ophthalmological findings in infants with microcephaly and presumable intra-uterus Zika virus infection.
Presently these groups, with a presumable support of a ruling government with a massive majority, make arbitrary cultural appropriations.
In an effort to control costs - and presumable stave off future layoffs - while financing a digital expansion, (http://www.
The significance of signifiers to Kaufman is apparent within the film itself, even just in Caden's surname--Cotard, a presumable reference to Cotard's syndrome, a mental illness that causes individuals to believe they are the walking dead.
The box would then shut, presumable so Rita Ora couldn't escape.
Stroke patients were diagnosed according to World Health Organization definition (Sudden neurological deficit that has a presumable vascular aetiology).
Corn harvest area presumable influenced by the price of corn, because of the high price of corn will affect the decisions of farmers to grow corn, and vice versa if the price of corn fell farmers would be reluctant to plant corn.
Yet as Valerie Traub points out in her "Afterword" to James Bromley and Will Stockton's Sex Before Sex: Figuring the Act in Early Modern England (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2013), "the content of sex has been strangely presumable, apparently interpretable through .
For PHD, the presumable age of onset was computed, applying the formula log (age) = [alpha] + [beta] (CAG number repeats), where [alpha] = 6.
He said that the next president, presumable from the GOP, will not honor the agreement and will destroy it.
Three hours in, the presumable ownerMeyer Emanuelwhose name is embroidered in Hebrew on the front of the ritual bag, joined the conversation.
This is to respectfully enclose, for the presumable information of the Supreme Court, the copy of Senate Resolution No.