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a cord or band of inelastic tissue connecting a muscle with its bony attachment

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Contract award notice: Viaducs du boulonnais - resurfacing work of external prestressing cables (france-issy-les-moulineaux: Road viaduct construction work)
Concrete 3,050 m3; Anchor lax 125 St .; Excavation 1,890 m3; Shotcrete 355 m2; Reinforcement 430 t; Prestressing cable 800 m
Tenders are invited for 625 m3 concrete; Excavation 950 m3; Micropiles 18 St .; Reinforcement 97 t; Prestressing cable 235 m; Covering 700 t
By rehabilitation is understood the demolition and replacement of the existing bridge deck, repair or replacement of the edge beam in central reservation of the deck side La Louviere which a prestressing cable was poorly injected, repair batteries, trimmers , beams and struts.
The total tensile force is co posed of three members: the contribution of UHPFRC ([F.sub.t]), classical reinforcement and prestressing cables. The contribution of UHPFRC is calculated according to the mentioned model of behaviour (10).
For the rehabilitation of bridge, the primary beams have been retrofitted with a new deck of 250 mm thickness ([f.sub.cm] = 35 MPa), which was linked to the existing slab by steel connectors and a system of two external prestressing cables 8/06" strands for each beam.
Contract notice: viaducs du boulonnais - restocking work of external prestressing cables