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Synonyms for prestige

Synonyms for prestige

the level of credit or respect at which one is regarded by others

a person's high standing among others

Synonyms for prestige

a high standing achieved through success or influence or wealth etc.

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The unwholesome-looking little moral agent of destruction exulted silently in the possession of personal prestige, keeping in check this man armed with the defensive mandate of a menaced society.
Colonel Scott was the President of the Pennsylvania Railroad, and therefore a man of the highest prestige in the city.
Infadoos was delighted, foreseeing that the possession of such an article would increase his prestige enormously, and after several vain attempts he actually succeeded in screwing it into his own eye.
How could they fail to see how they were ruining themselves, lowering their prestige by this appointment?
Such is the prestige, the privilege, and the burden of command.
Carr smiled, and dropped the subject, but it is probable that his daughters' want of sympathy with his acquaintances did not in the least interfere with his social prestige. A gentleman in all his relations and under all circumstances, even his cold scientific abstraction was provocative; rich men envied his lofty ignorance of the smaller details of money-making, even while they mistrusted his judgment.
Her retinue, her reserved compartment in the train, her pile of unnecessary trunks, portmanteaux, and strong-boxes, all helped to increase her prestige; while her wheeled chair, her sharp tone and voice, her eccentric questions (put with an air of the most overbearing and unbridled imperiousness), her whole figure--upright, rugged, and commanding as it was--completed the general awe in which she was held.
In fact, without any one being able to explain the ascendancy which this young girl obtained over all who came in contact with her, she exercised over the little world around her a prestige not unlike that of Bonaparte upon his soldiers.
Ethan was aware that, in regard to the important question of surgical intervention, the female opinion of the neighbourhood was divided, some glorying in the prestige conferred by operations while others shunned them as indelicate.
(One word of caution: As I sorted through the issues related to prestige, I had a difficult time determining cause and effect.
Prestige Label Brooklyn, NY, claims it has raised the bar of high-definition package printing through its line of digital printing capabilities.
Perched in the centre of such beauty and conveniences is Prestige Deja Vu - 40 sprawling apartments spanning 21 floors, with three and four-bedroom apartments.
New Hanover Prestige Brand Targets High-Value Personal Lines Market
Light sport aircraft maker ICON Aircraft has announced it has partnered with the Prestige Aviation division of Miami Beach-based luxury car dealership Prestige Imports to make the ICON A5 aircraft available, the company said.