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As the food was pressure-cooked, the flavour of the spices stood out.
If a pressure-cooked solution to the Kashmir conundrum was possible, no untoward incident would happen in the last 25 years in the "paradise on earth." Can one imagine a section of audience in London being booked for anti-national activities if it chooses to cheer the Australian cricket team?
A study in the March 2007 The Journal of Food Science found pressure-cooked broccoli retained 90 percent of its vitamin C compared to 78 percent when steamed, and 66 percent when boiled.
"It's not a broasted chicken - it's not pressure-cooked," Hill says.
Known for frozen organic baby food, Green Monkey has recently launched The Green Monkey Pouch System that offers fresh baby food that has been gently pressure-cooked and sealed in pouches, eliminating the need for additives, preservatives, freezing or refrigeration.
Decreeing that they will observe eight years of mourning, she effectively walls them up inside the family home, where pressure-cooked jealousies eventually reach bursting point with tragic results.
The ribs are also needed because the soup is pressure-cooked in the cup, which must withstand up to 253 F and 33.4 psi.
Some teachers may not go for this, but if even just one teacher will give it up, it'll help keep you less pressure-cooked.
Dropped into the pressure-cooked atmosphere of professional dance training, these teens and young adults have challenges pitched at them from all directions, from adjusting to the accelerated pace of Manhattan and facing the competition to absorbing technical and stylistic corrections during an average of fifteen classes a week.
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