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protective garment consisting of an inflatable suit for space or high altitude flying

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Many cameras: Some 30 video and still cameras in total, including five attached to the thighs and chest of his pressure suit.
When he reaches that height, Felix will jump using a special pressure suit, reaching up to mach 1.
The Australian sprinting sensation has enthralled the racing public since she touched down, clad in a revealingly tight pressure suit, at Heathrow last week.
mobile For news/text ECHO For the next two years, she will have to wear a specially-fitted pressure suit so her blistered skin can heal.
Wearing a T-shirt and tracksuit that covers a pressure suit that must be worn 23 hours a day to protect his healing skin, he recalls what he can of the accident.
Will is expected to be in hospital for eight weeks and after that, he'll have to wear a pressure suit 23 hours a day.
A special pressure suit was designed for Baumgartner; the exterior cover fabric is made from a flame resistant Nomex that will provide protection from flame and abrasion.
Finally, Delme Bowen should perhaps be made to wear a pressure suit.
Wiley Post's luck ran out in 1935, but first he wore the world's first pressure suit at about 50,000 feet.
Pressure Suit, Rolls So Deep and Cinderella are among the best songs Hales has ever written.
16, 1960, USAF test pilot Joe Kittinger climbed into the gondola of a 200-foot-tall helium balloon, ascended to a height of 31,300 metres, and stepped into the void wearing a pressure suit.
Ex-army Col Michel Four-nier, 62, will jump from a capsule attached to a helium balloon 25 miles above Earth and travel at nearly twice the speed of sound in a pressure suit.
You talk to a U-2 pilot--about 12-13 hours, they're finished with that pressure suit.
Patients undergoing EECP wear a kind of pressure suit around their legs connected to a computer.