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the presence of abnormally large amounts of sodium in the urine

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The role of renal function in the long-term arterial blood pressure control can be graphically described by a chronic salt-loading pressure natriuresis curve.
Pressure-diuresis (P/D) and pressure natriuresis (P/N) responses: In the absence of any significant changes in MAP before and following ARD, significantly (P<0.
Although a pressure natriuresis is associated with an acute stress response, ongoing sodium excretion is less likely with sustained SNS stimulation in the presence of hypovolemia unless renal vasodilation is also sustained.
The first thing to remember about blood pressure is that it is controlled by four interrelated systems: renal pressure natriuresis, the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system, the sympathetic nervous system, and the calcium-dependent muscle tone in resistance blood vessels.
These results indicate that chronic salt-loading pressure natriuresis curve plays a central role in long term control of arterial blood pressure and the development of DOCA-salt hypertension.