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mechanical system of lubricating internal combustion engines in which a pump forces oil into the engine bearings

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In phase III, HMC-III will come up which will have special machines of much higher capacity to be used for the manufacture of steam drums, high pressure feed water heaters and condensers.
Tenders are invited for Phase I Cutting and Replacing of High pressure feed valves (HFW 51 and HFW 52) and charges for preheating, stress relieving and Radiography work at VGTPS/ Ramnad
Pressure feed blast systems are excellent for removing tough, hard scale and carbon deposits especially within hard-to-reach recessed areas and complex shapes and particularly those found on the extremely long extrusion screws used in twin screw compounding machines where a central core shaft is fitted with a variety of mixing, kneading, cutting and conveying elements and where removal of the black carbon deposits is especially critical in order to prevent contamination prior to any formulation of neutral colour or medical grade compounding materials.
The pressure feed gun is typically used in industrial environments where large quantities of coatings are sprayed throughout the day.
The unit features a 25 ml stainless steel reservoir with manual priming and purging pressure feed and integral recirculation.
5 liters, incorporating tangential rotors and an AC invertor drive control system to provide variable rotor speeds, plus a high pressure feed hopper.
In late July 1997, DP&L crews detected a leak in a critical high pressure feed line located in Riverside, OH, a suburb of Dayton.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Pressure Feed Paint Spray Gun at BEML, Mysore Complex
Available in pressure feed, gravity feed, and siphon feed
After investigating several spray technologies, SPX turned to Dux Area Europe to find out about their 'Laminar Flow Technology' pressure feed spray guns.
A pressure feed version of the basic spray gun is also available.