pressure dome

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a dome-shaped building that is pressurized

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Forecasters attribute the sudden drop in temperatures to an unusual high- pressure dome that caused frigid air from the Gulf of Alaska to surge into the Great Basin of Nevada, Utah and Arizona, then blow like an icy Santa Ana into Southern California.
The axis of this high pressure dome is typically aligned so that light southeasterly winds prevail.
BOLTON Wanderers induced Nat Lofthouse into their Hall of Fame and welcomed manager Sam Allardyce to the Pressure Dome into the bargain at the Reebok Stadium.
Highs on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday could top the century mark in the valleys, with a gradual cooling trend after that as the high pressure dome begins to break down and the marine layer returns.
11A - Pressure Dome compatible with transducerami- Package No.
According to the National Weather Service, a high pressure dome near Arizona is causing an increase in humidity.
The system is equipped with a capsulated gamma sterilized bag loop which contains the crossflow cartridge unit, pump tubing, pressure domes, flow meters, valves, bags and tubing.
The company has landed the multi-million-pound deal from Spanish shipbuilding firm Navantia to build eight pressure domes for four diesel-electric submarines for the Spanish Navy.
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