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Synonyms for pressor

increasing (or tending to increase) blood pressure

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Animal studies have demonstrated that estrogen reduces the pressor responses to restraint (stress) in the ovariectomized rats.
Blood pressure response to cold pressor test in siblings of hypertensives.
This time, the researchers used 24-hour ECG monitoring as well as short-term testing during controlled breathing, tilt, and cold pressor test.
One participant was excluded due to having reached the maximum pain tolerance during the pretest phase of the cold pressor task (see Experimental Tasks section).
Heart rate (HR) and BP were measured at rest, after 10 min seated, and after the cold pressor test, 20 m shuttle-run test, and handgrip test.
Ciriello, "Contribution of nucleus medianus to the drinking and pressor responses to angiotensin II acting at subfornical organ," Brain Research, vol.
In a study involving 47 healthy controls, self-reported anger suppression predicted greater pain intensity in response to the cold pressor ice water immersion test (Ann Behav Med.
Aerobic exercise continuous and interval: pressor response acute in guy with metabolic syndrome and disease ischemic - Case Study
He was followed by Salman Faraj riding his horse My Pressor in a total time of 60.
Recent results using mindfulness for cold pressor pain found a mixed results, with one reporting a 12 minute mindfulness task not sufficient to increase tolerance time (Sharpe et al, 2009) and one using a 15 minute mindfulness task finding it was sufficient to increase pain tolerance (Liu et al, 2013).
The patient was aggressively fluid resuscitated and pressor therapy was added later on.
Vasopressin levels of more than 20-30 pg/ml produce a pressor response with causing organ hypoperfusion.
7,8) The pressor response of VTA to stimulation by substance P analogue is prevented by either bilateral electrolytic or chemical lesions of supraoptic nucleus of hypothalamus.