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Synonyms for pressor

increasing (or tending to increase) blood pressure

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Accordingly, we used this criterion to minimize any potential ceiling effects resulting from participants immersing their hands for the entire duration of the first cold pressor.
Thus, the RCV blood flow velocity was increased mainly by the pressor response, as indicated by the lack of change in CI at 6 min.
Cold pressor task reactivity: Predictors of alcohol use among alcohol-dependent individuals with and without comorbid posttraumatic stress disorder.
In septic shock, including hypotension, acute lung injury, and oligura, the patient was intubated, required multiple pressors despite fluid resuscitation.
Laurent Villaume, CEO of French indie pressor QOL, will introduce micropublishing.
Heart rate variability was measured at baseline and after 12 weeks using 24-hour time and frequency domain measures and during a 5-minute mental arithmetic stress test and a 5-minute forehead cold pressor test, Dr.
Investigating the effects of anxiety sensitivity and coping on the perception of cold pressor pain in healthy women.
Exclusion criteria were history of current haemodynamic instability with or without pressor agents, active gastrointestinal bleeding or recently active gastric or oesophageal varices, severe thrombocytopenia, gastric outlet or intestinal obstruction or history of gastric surgery.
The individuals were then confronted with two experimental stress tasks--a mental stress test (Stroop test) and a physical stress test (Cold Pressor test).
3) evaluated peripheral sympathetic activity with simultaneous measurements of electrodermal variables and blood flow at palmar skin sites with acoustic stimulation, and cold pressor tests in 27 patients with FM.
In the measurement, a five minutes cold pressor test was executed in each subject and also each subject done exercise using a bicycle ergometer in five minutes and walked during 15 minutes.
Cortisol levels, a known indication of stress, were manipulated using the cold pressor stress test, with no significant sex differences in baseline cortisol or degree of cortisol change.
They implicated a protein called Trpv4 in the mechanism: mice lacking the Trpv4 gene did not have a pressor response to water.
Asymptomatic volunteers scoring highly on the PCS (> 24) report significantly higher pain during the cold pressor test and painful medical procedures than patients with lower scores (Sullivan et al 1995).