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a photographer who works for a newspaper

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Palestinian Press Photographer Committee at the Journalists Syndicate denounces the deliberate targeting of Palestinian photographers working in the Gaza Strip.
This article draws on interviews with male and female press photographers collected for the National Library of Australia's oral history programme.
An Associated Press photographer saw about a hundred activists rush the building.
Garry, 46, left, was named Calumet Scottish Press Photographer of the Year at the first ever Scottish Press Photography Awards.
PRESS photographer Ted Cottrell found himself on the other end of the lens when fellow snappers gathered to celebrate his 70th birthday.
I hope that the prize for the spot news picture of 1962 will go to that Associated Press photographer who caught Mrs.
"The BOC has banned press photographers to shoot photos of the explosion site in Karrada, targeted against the office of the Integrity Commission, killing and wounding dozens of civilians and completely destroying the building," an Iraqi press photographer told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
The late press photographer ranged Britain and beyond from the Guardian's Manchester office for 36 years, producing pictures illustrating his sharp-eyed view of the world.
"For nearly 50 years, Geoff Charles, a Press photographer from Brymbo, quietly recorded daily life in Wales.
A NORTH East press photographer has focussed on a different world from his day job to earn a university degree.
Starting out aged 16 as a press photographer earning pounds 25 a week, his early career included a stint as a Butlins holiday camp photographer.
oThe fact that you are a press photographer does not preclude your being stopped under Section 44 of the Terrorism Act.
AS A horseracing press photographer, I have had the privilege to be almost literally on top of the subject of this letter over several seasons.
An Associated Press photographer was released today after a harrowing experience in the hands of Palestinian gunmen who abducted him in Gaza, the latest in a string of kidnappings of foreigners in the chaotic area.