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someone employed to arrange publicity (for a firm or a public figure)

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My best friend in all the world, ladies and gentlemen, Shirley Herz, unknown wonder woman of theater press agents.
World Harvest, through its press agent, claimed that its resistance to disclosure 'is consistent with the policy of most churches across the country.
Although Webster's Collegiate defines flack (alternate spelling, flak) nonpejoratively as "one who provides publicity, a press agent," Willard confesses it can be a derogatory term "unless used by someone who is one.
THE STORY: Legendary New York press agent Eli Wurman (Pacino) is coming apart.
After listening to him demean the premier icon in the history of sport, Babe Ruth, we realize that BB doesn't need a press agent to make him look bad.
Veteran newsman Lewis Delavan--who's done stints with Benton Courier, Malvern Daily Record, Arkadelphia Daily Siftings Herald and as press agent for Jay Dickey during his failed campaign for Congress--serves as editor.
A natural hustler and press agent, the 19-year-old had already dressed boutique windows, worked for the fashion designer Mary Quant and was run out of France for his involvement in what he calls ``a tawdry but innocent kidnapping.
A Press agent for Rod told us: "Yes, Penny will be travelling with him to Northern Ireland.
At Vornado, they are kind of doing their own thing and Barry can't say much," said his press agent.
That slick press agent Vincent Allen talked him into changing it.
In 1962, Paul walked into the office of Isadora (Issie) Bennett, the best-loved dance press agent, manager and producer of her time.
Yeah yeah, I know I sound like his press agent, but I dig him for the following: in times where Latin music is dominated by the sound of fariseos who don't know a G clef from a G string, here's a guy who (and pardon me for briefly sounding like a writer for Vibe) is keeping it real.
Princeton press agent Steven Schultz told us that the scientists were shying away from press calls because too many reporters wanted to know if the findings cleared the way for uninhibited drinking with no fear of permanent brain damage.
Close enough to what a press agent for the Cato Institute might say, except for the slight difference that Thomas appears to loathe the group he's describing.
Since the peace talks began, and especially once they ended (with, by the way, none of the usual congrats for the President), the coverage of Bosnia shifted from mass murders and raped women to "our boys," and Clinton is finding that the same press that served as cheerleader for the government and press agent for the U.