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befitting a president

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The two tables put together in a corner, were, at length, converted into a very fair bed; and the stranger was left to the Windsor chairs, the presidential tribune, the beery atmosphere, sawdust, pipe-lights, spittoons and repose.
She was beautifully dressed, in rose-colour; her hands were clasped in her lap and her eyes attached to the presidential profile.
Count Otto waited a little; then he turned away and walked up to Pandora Day, whose group of interlocutors had now been re-enforced by a gentleman who had held an important place in the cabinet of the late occupant of the presidential chair.
Best of all, the famous and eloquent Senator Spareshanks, presidential candidate, rode out in an automobile to discuss the sacred privileges of American citizenship, and protection and prosperity for the American workingman.
They were ancient sea -- captains, for the most part, who, after being tossed on every sea, and standing up sturdily against life's tempestuous blast, had finally drifted into this quiet nook, where, with little to disturb them, except the periodical terrors of a Presidential election, they one and all acquired a new lease of existence.
After the ousting of long-serving dictator Hosni Mubarak, presidential elections in Egypt have become a life-changing career.
The Central Election Commission received the protocols on nomination of presidential candidates from 4 political parties.
The Presidential Historical Records Preservation Act of 2008 [PL 110-404] requires that the Archivist of the United States submit to Congress a report on alternative models for Presidential archival depositories that: (1) Reduces the financial burden on the Federal Government; (2) Improves the preservation of Presidential records; and (3) Reduces the delay in public access to all Presidential records.
Only Rove and Clinton, they argue, have mastered presidential campaigning in the age of the Freak Show, by which they mean the era of hyper-personal, hyperpartisan, scandal-obsessed politics ushered in by New Media.
Most states are strongholds of either the Democratic or Republican parties, creating a presidential battlefield of "safe" states and "undecided" states.
WASHINGTON - The stars are aligning behind Hillary Clinton for the 2008 presidential election.
Only in this presidential democracy are lobbies able to marshal votes and monetary resources in the game of influencing policy makers.
Presidential Public Financing legislation is being sponsored by Sens.
The Clinton presidential archives contain more than 80 million documents, some of which will be released in 2006.
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