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preside over something or someone

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act as president

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Le ministre Al Siddiq a indique, dans des declarations a la presse a Amman, que le cote soudanais au haut comite conjoint est preside par le premier vice-president de la Republique, general Bakri Hassan Salih et le cote jordanien preside par le Premier ministre jordanien Abdullah Al Nassour.
Ces groupes n'ont pas obtempere aux sommations d'usage et ont procede a des jets de pierres occasionnant des blessures a trois elements des forces de l'ordre, ajoute la meme source, precuisant que 98 personnes ont ete interpellees de meme que 30 personnes ont ete evacuees sur l'hopital hassani de Nador pour y recevoir des soins suites aux blessures causees par les fils barbeles de la cloture grillagee du preside occupe.
During Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah's time, we would get personalities from different fields to preside over the function.
215 (b)(10) to provide that chief judges not assign a judge to preside over a capital case in which the state is seeking the death penalty, or collateral proceedings brought by a death row inmate, until that judge has become qualified to do so by presiding a minimum of six months in a felony criminal division or in a division that includes felony criminal cases, and successfully attending the "Handling Capital Cases" course offered through the Florida College of Advanced Judicial Studies.
The Chief Justice presides over a corps of some 2,000 federal judges, and over the judicial branch, which includes a staff of 30,000.
The "President of the Senate" Clause clearly forbids any action by the Senate that would deprive the Vice President of the power to preside over the Senate -- in any circumstances.
ISLAMABAD, July 21, 2011 (Frontier Star): Ever since the dismissal of his government in 1999, Mian Nawaz Sharif is all set to preside over his parliamentary party's meeting for the first time in parliament House today (Thursday).
215(b)(10), which governs the training requirements for judges qualified to preside over death penalty cases.
Archbishop Andrew Hutchison, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, is scheduled to visit Cuba this month to preside over a meeting of the Metropolitan Council of Cuba (MCC), and to act as an observer and adviser at the annual general synod in Havana.
1 Opening of the Meeting 2 Election of a chairman to preside over the AGM 3 Drawing-up and approval of the register of voters 4 Approval of the agenda 5 Election of persons to check the minutes 6 Decision as to whether the AGM has been duly convened 7 Presentation of the annual report and audit report, and of the consolidated accounts and audit report for the Group 8 Decisions concerning: a.
Zafar Iqbal will preside over the mushaira while Mushtaq Sufi will be the chief guest on the occasion.
ISLAMABAD, July 19, 2011 (Frontier Star): Ever since the dismissal of his government in 1999, Mian Nawaz Sharif is all set to preside over his parliamentary partys meeting for the first time in parliament House on 21st July.
19 to preside over a funeral for the seven victims.
Judge Farnan appointed Special Master Poppiti to preside over all discovery disputes in the case.
Bishop Holguin, another member of the metropolitan council, was expected to preside over the February synod.