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Synonyms for preserver

a skilled worker who is employed to restore or refinish buildings or antique furniture

a cook who preserves fruits or meat

Related Words

someone who keeps safe from harm or danger

rescue equipment consisting of a buoyant belt or jacket to keep a person from drowning

References in classic literature ?
(carrying its curse with it) from one lawless Mohammedan hand to another; and still, through all chances and changes, the successors of the three guardian priests kept their watch, waiting the day when the will of Vishnu the Preserver should restore to them their sacred gem.
Le Gouvernement a decide, mercredi, de prendre des mesures d'urgence pour sauvegarder toutes les entreprises nationales privees, objet de mesures conservatoires, dans le but de preserver les capacites de production nationale ainsi que les postes d'emploi, indique un communique des services du Premier ministere.
Summary: The international order today is in a state of stagnation because it has no creator, preserver or destroyer.
This verse means that Jesus is the preserver of the eco-system.
Anyone can become a Master Food Preserver. Whether you grew up in a homesteading environment where the family was busy all summer putting up the harvest, came to food preservation in a desperate attempt to tame a bountiful garden, or want control over your ingredients, all you'll need is a love of food and the willingness to learn.
La deputee Fatima Zahra Barassat, membre du groupement parlementaire du progres et du socialisme a la Chambre des representants a appele le gouvernement a agir pour preserver le pouvoir d'achat des citoyens en particulier au cours du mois de Ramadan, au cours duquel la demande des produits de consommation augmente.
Another 12 to 15 Master Food Preserver volunteers from the Lane County branch of the Oregon State University Extension Service also were at the event and helped assist with the canning process, do dishes, prepare vegetables and set up equipment for each demonstration.
A contract worth $12,616,144 has been awarded to Marine Recycling Corporation of Port Colborne, Ontario, for the disposal of the Royal Canadian Navy's former HMCS Preserver AOR supply ship.
When it comes to terminology, we'll use personal floatation devices (PFD), life vests and life preservers interchangeably even though such usage may not be precisely accurate and the FAA uses the term life preserver in the regs.
A presenter at the most recent conference I attended framed the inherent value of this analysis in the form of a question: "What would you pay for a life preserver?" At first glance, it seems like an arbitrary yet easy question to answer.
Fortunately, he was wearing a vest-style life preserver and was floating without effort.
The Preserver cases waterproofs your phone down to six feet for thirty minutes, the same goes for its shockproof.
Nous sommes appeles a preserver l'Aeroport en tant que pilier strategique de la region et nous demanderons la prolongation des services terrestres ' a dit le ministre dans une interview accordee au journal Assabah Al Oussboui ' avant d'ajouter les efforts se poursuivent pour que les vols soient repartis equitablement entre l'Aeroport de Monastir et celui d'Ennfidha pour preserver les emplois et les equilibres financiers et sociaux, et ce en collaboration avec l'UGTT et la societe TAV'.