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Synonyms for presentation

Synonyms for presentation

the act of conferring, as of an honor

something bestowed freely

the instance or occasion of being presented for the first time to society

Synonyms for presentation

the activity of formally presenting something (as a prize or reward)

Related Words

the act of making something publicly available

the act of presenting a proposal

a visual representation of something

formally making a person known to another or to the public

(obstetrics) position of the fetus in the uterus relative to the birth canal

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The organization of presentations is a complex task in that the display order of presentation contents (in time and space) must be specified.
Google said users can create simple web-based presentations via, which can be updated and viewed by other users from their own computers, simultaneously.
(NASDAQ:SOFO), Madison, Wis., a leader in automated rich media communications technology, today enabled advanced search capabilities for (, the first searchable Website focused exclusively on offering expert information via rich media presentations with video, audio and graphics.
All room attendants in any hotel either did or didn't receive the work-exercise presentation.
Early historians of the Civil War ignored flag presentation ceremonies held in the early months of the Confederacy with one notable exception--that indefatigable reader of local newspapers where these ceremonies are fully documented, Bell Irvin Wiley.
The free presentation software's new tools allow users to add custom features to presentations and increase prospect engagement.
Users can utilize the tools from the presentation maker to create professional presentations using the power of great content and images.
Giving a Presentation? Focus on Making the Message Clear and Relatable
Participants whose abstracts are selected for presentation will receive a free full show registration for the WCS.
A new method of presentation arises when the advantages of these four methods are to be combined.
Al-Ahly's president, Mahmoud el-Khatib (L) alongside Presentation Sports' president, Mohamed Kamel (R) -- Courtesy of Al-Ahly's official website CAIRO -- 21 October 2018: Advertising and sports marketing agency Presentation Sports, which has the sponsorship rights of the Egyptian Football Association (FA), has won the sponsorship of Al-Ahly SC for the next four years.
Surti, a business presentation coach, speaker, and consultant in the UK, offers a guide to giving presentations in the workplace.
And yes, a great presentation can do wonders with the way your clients perceive your agency.