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Synonyms for presentation

Synonyms for presentation

the act of conferring, as of an honor

something bestowed freely

the instance or occasion of being presented for the first time to society

Synonyms for presentation

the activity of formally presenting something (as a prize or reward)

Related Words

the act of making something publicly available

the act of presenting a proposal

a visual representation of something

formally making a person known to another or to the public

(obstetrics) position of the fetus in the uterus relative to the birth canal

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No recent historian of the Civil War either has taken notice of flag presentation ceremonies except Robert Bonner who treats the subject very briefly as a part of his larger study of flags in the Confederacy.
Is the audience brought into the presentation at an emotional level?
Karen Susman speaks often for IABC on networking, humor, life balance, building chapter involvement and presentation skills.
Faculty and administrators at Loyola Law School (CA) are no strangers to presenting a case, so they had little trouble making a strong argument for presentation technology four years back, in 1999.
com to learn more about the program, sign up as a volunteer or request a presentation, or contact Tracie Jones at 314 / 849-9446.
Visitors will be able to explore the plans and view models, watch a video presentation of the teams describing their plans in their own words, and submit comments on the plans.
receives a speaker's award for his presentation on lean quality; and Chuck Kleiser, Northwest Castings, receives the Foundryman of the Month plaque.
As projectors began to grow in popularity, Canon understood that before long, audiences would want to view more than text based presentations, and speakers would not be as effective if they relied on simple text and graphics to communicate their point.
So you tell your boss you'll put on a sprightly financial show-and-tell in PowerPoint, the Microsoft presentation application.
TURN ON CSPAN ANY time, day or night, and you'll see vivid examples of how not to make a presentation.
The projector provides an unique Index Window, which allows any image in a presentation (RGB or video input) to be frozen, stored in memory and displayed on the left side of the screen, while display of subsequent images continues on the right.
HTML is a rendered presentation of data for a specific set of clients (namely HTML-based browsers), while XML can be data, its presentation, or a combination of both.
You've worked hard and your boss is so impressed that you've been chosen to make a quarterly presentation before your peers and company higher-ups.
Disability Awareness and Injury Prevention Presentation